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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Active Intruder Training

Yesterday was the most intense day I have had as a teacher! Missouri passed a bill that says that all school personnel has to be trained on how to respond if there is an active shooter in the school. Here is a video that the district put up about the day!
The police department had an awesome presentation on how to deal with the various situations we could encounter such as a perimeter lockdown which means something is happening within the area surrounding the school so no one will be allowed in and no one out. Then there is the intruder lockdown where someone has entered the building and all the kids need to hide and doors locked and lights off.

Then finally there is an active shooter situation. Which of course is a teachers greatest fear! Before this training I had always hated the idea of tucking my kids in a corner and hoping I could keep them quiet enough that the shooter wouldn't pick my door! Well now all has changed! The plan is this: RUN!! Hide!! FIGHT!!

So if it is at all possible get the kids and yourself out of the building. This should be the NO.1 plan for all teachers. I have never heard of a shooter chasing the people down the street. I like this plan. Which is exactly what I did when we had to actually do this! Yes they came into the building and "shot" the secretary who was announcing the lockdown and when she started screaming I hit the door. I ran. I am not embarrassed to admit this. The police told us if we went through it and thought through it then we would be much less likely to freeze if God forbid we ever have to take action. They were shooting blanks (which are really loud) the whole time not that far behind me. I made it safely out of the building and luckily without an accident in my pants! 

The last piece that I took from this was if we have to hide in the class we are not going to allow ourselves to be sitting ducks. We will barricade our door and then we will plan to throw anything we can grab at anyone that gets through so we can make our odds the best we can! 

As I said this was so intense, but such a learning experience and I am so glad to have the knowledge! Remember RUN! Hide! FIGHT! 


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