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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party Update etc....

So we had an all Polar party! We all wore our jammies. We made reindeer food, watched Polar Express and ate all of our yummy treats! Then we played games!! My class had so much fun!! Again we have Mimi that takes care of our parties! She made re steak the show train cake and also had the games ready to go! My class loved the unwrap musical box! Mimi wrapped a box of candy canes with 25 pieces of different wrapping paper. If the music stopped on you, then you unwrapped a layer and received a cute plastic cup. Then we knew who had a turn. No one was out, all kids kept passing. They just got 1 turn to unwrap!
This was probably my best party ever...(maybe because so little was expected of me)!!! Lol.
Fun stuff coming for the new year! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I hear we have snow coming tomorrow!!

Please ignore the mess behind me! Need to make resolution to deal with my chaos!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowman Freebie & New Snowiness

I am addidng a link in here to Frebielicious for their 1st of the month Freebie Linky!!!! Tons of great stuff. Go check it out!

Hi all! We are here with heavy hearts and trying to finish up the last 2 days with these kiddos! Just want to have fun and enjoy the time! I was home with my own sick little fancy miss. Tomorrow she goes back to daycare(which she calls home). I will be headed back to my class! I suppose all this mess and sadness makes me want to show just a little more love to each one of them! Anyhow.....Here is a little math Snowman fun so you will be all set to fire up the learning in January! I also put together a domino addition freebie! It includes a write the room domino addition and a worksheet for the kids to draw dominos and write the answer! Let me know what you think! My class is loving anything write the room! So I am trying to oblige!
Here is the Freebie!
Good luck with your last few days and if you are already on break I am REALLY jealous!
Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth

Friday, December 7, 2012

Making Latkes for Hanukkah

Getting our ingredients ready to cook latkes.

 Students loved the smell of onions- not.

We can hardly wait they smell so good.

 Do you want applesauce and sour cream?

They wanted to share left overs after lunch,

 so I stayed in the room and cooked!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hanukah Freebie

You have to go check out all the freebies over at Freebielicious! We are linked up there!

My Poppy(step dad is Jewish) So this is why mom & I thought it would be extra important to create some Hanukkah resources! We put together a little freebie for you! My kiddos are loving clip boards and writing the room! So we included a write the room activity with ten frames(11-20), a sentence reordering activity, and a little toothpick decoration! Hope you enjoy and can use these!
Hanukkah Freebie Click on the picture to pick up the Google Doc!
I am really hoping to feel up to making Latkes with my class this week! What do you do to celebrate Hanukkah in your class?
Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth