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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time is Racing

First, I want to thank all of our followers that purchased "Earth Day Color by Numbers"! I get the biggest kick out of hearing
 "cha-ching" while I am outside working in the yard or watching TCM channel.
Most of you are too young to remember the first "Earth Day".  I was a 9th grader in Jr. High. (They kept us away from the Seniors back then.  Not a bad idea.)  My Civics teacher, Mrs. Penny, very right winged, was encouraging us all and possibly  giving extra credit to do something that day. I planned with a classmate to ride to school on his mom's bicycle built for two. Interesting thing, I had to get my dad to take me over to his house by car, because it was on the other side of town from our house.  I normally road the school bus which was a good thing. I had made posters for both sides of the bike. Back then they had just started letting girl's wear slacks to school. I had a tan and black plaid pair of slacks I wore with a white blouse and black tie ribbon. I remember thinking I was so neat! The ride was great and many motorist honked at us. (We thought they were celebrating with us, but maybe they were not pleased with us on "their" streets.) We arrived at school on time with lots of friends clapping and yelling for us. I was so proud till I went to get off. I ripped the seat of my pants out right down the seam!!! Lucky for me the Home-Ec  teacher took my slacks and stitched them back up.  See what happens when you get to big for your britches.
Moving on, I am busy getting ready for my Kentucky Derby Party, now that the Heritage Golf Tournament is over on the island.  I have almost as many decorations as most people do for Christmas.  I have a collection of horses and props to get down from the attic. I have all of my silver mint julep cups wrapped and stored.
I downloaded the new Derby Art work to put on my invitations.
I will post party pictures later. But the secret to the best mint juleps is the simple sugar one makes to put in the drink.
I had to split the activities we had created into an ELA and a Math Unit. Autumn uses lots of center things moving around the room, but many teachers prefer individual activities using only school black ink. So I continue to try to meet both needs.
Much love,
Autumn and Ruth


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WOW Wednesday

It is all ready Wednesday! Share with us any of your ideas that are working for you in your classroom family or home family. All ideas give us all a larger bank of ideas from which to draw.

When I retired, Autumn had stated she would like tee shirts for her class to wear for field trips. I told her I had made class tee shirts once that were yellow and had the year on them. This limited their use and at the end of the day, some were really stained.

So I decided I would do hers in purple because that was the only color of Rit dye my store had numerous packets. I got the children's tee's in the multi packs in several sizes. I even created iron on labels with name of their teacher. They were a gift of love!

Dislikes- Boys weren't crazy about the color purple.
               The iron on labels do not wear well for multiple uses.
Likes- Color purple does not show dirt or stains.
           Their are few students wearing purple shirts on trips.
            She can spot her students quickly.
I have since made an addition of shirts that are larger sizes and without labels. Many years she has a parent that offers to launder them and return to school. She can keep them at school all ready to go. Her class always looks great on field trips.

Much love,
Autumn and Ruth


Friday, April 11, 2014

Field Trip Friday

              We are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  
 You can tell it is spring when you have to get out of the classroom. Today was perfect. With family volunteers to help. We go to go down to Crown Center in Kansas City. We had time to play outside in the unique park while the sun shined brightly.


And then we get to watch the performance of a
"Little Monkey Business".
Hoping my bunch stays awake without and "monkeying around". 
To make things even better. My guest from Germany arrived last night. So now Naomi gets to play with her niece. Later our son will be here too. Have a blessed weekend. I am.
Much love,
Autumn and Ruth