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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pete the Cat

Like many of you Pete the Cat has captured the hearts of my classroom! He have read Pete the Cat  repeatedly. We have a Pete matching activity in our math center. We have a CD of the story in our listening center and we keep reading Pete in the library center! I bravely decided to attempt an art project starring Pete! One piece at a time each student got a large rectangle(body), a small rectangle(head), 4 stick legs, 2 precut eyes, 6 whiskers, a piece to cut as a tail, and 4 shoes. I then gave step by step directions to complete the project...... Here is what we came up with! I also added a writing component by having them trace I love my______shoes. I then helped them write in the color of shoes they chose. We have to make sure that any displays that we put up are alligned with CCSS, and includes a task, rubric, DOK level, and district power standard.... 

My example.....

Ok so maybe to make it look SUPER I shouldn't have included this picture, but let's be honest this is real! Sometimes this is how it turns out.....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How LOW can we go?

New year, new kids!
This year I have a unique group of kiddos! The good news, they LOVE to play and dance and sing! Bad news, they came to me without many school "skills" so I have had to stop and restart how to approach the year! Many of the skills that my group usually starts the year with are not there this year! Now this would be NO problem for me if we were not under such pressure to achieve! How are the motor skills in your class?

Much Love,