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Monday, September 30, 2013

I always need motivation!!

Linking up with my girls Tamra & Sarah over at First Grade Buddies!!

No matter where we work it is always a challenge!! A friend of mine on Instagram! @Aprilrentschler
Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth

Friday, September 27, 2013

An Apple A Day keeps the teacher tired!

WOW what a busy week! I share a birthday with that famous Johnny guy!! So I feel obligated to over celebrate his appliciousness!! So in centers we rocked the apple theme to the max!!
Math centers:
Then in our word work center they were writing the room and matching up the apple pictures on the recording sheet!

 Also in word work my first grade friend let me borrow her fancy magnetic letter case! I need one of these!!!
 On Monday we did our apple experiment. The apples turned brown the least with lemon juice on them but the milk seemed to help a little too!!
Then on Tuesday we did our red, yellow, green whole class and individual graphs!

Wednesday was apple sauce! I know you are jealous of my Miss Kay like apple apron!!!
Then Thursday we made microwave apple crisp!
Friday we are doing mini caramel apples. This was my tester!

This weekend we will go out and celebrate my birthday!! Hope you all had as much fun celebrating my birthday Johnny's birthday!! We are linking up over at Doodlebugs!! What was your best apple activity!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn and Johnny Applesed Share a Birthday

We love Fall at our home. Perhaps it is because both of my children were born in the fall. I even named my daughter, "Autumn". Johnny Appleseed has to share her birthday. We have put together a "Johnny Appleseed Scrambled Sentences" that Autumn uses for morning work this week. She will be busy doing all of her other Johnny things, too. Surely she will post pictures this week. Johnny Applesseed Scrambled Sentences

This Never Happens to You

A simple trip to my favorite Walgreen's to get two $10 iTunes gift cards and milk.  30 minutes later we come out with Halloween treats, new toys for granddaughters, t-shirts, tights, cards, scarves, headbands, monster candy eyes, and what we went in to get. Good thing Poppy loves shopping with me.

And we have winners for your iTunes gift card giveaway!! Thanks for the new followers and thanks all who entered! More giveaways to come!!
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Much love,
Ruth and Autumn

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday!!! PD and 5!!

Linking up with Doodlebugs for 5 for Friday!
I hope you all feel happy in yourself!!! Nothing like seeing a happy kid accomplish something!

So this week when my kids were transitioning to centers I was on the floor (behind an easel) setting up the laptops. I hear my principals voice but continue with my back turned. When I stand and turn around(with a skirt on) I realize that it is not only my principal but also my instructional coach, and the assistant Superintendent in the process of doing a walk thru observation. Not sure that was the best first of the year impression... I still have a job! The good news is that all the kids were going to their centers and started working!!! So I am starting with some pictures from my centers!

 This is our new write the room! List 1 Dolch words. They are LOVING this!! Even when they don't know the words they are writing they love just finding and coping the letters!

Directed art center to make a school bus. One of my students decided to label his friends using their cubbie names!!

Here they are with their Johnny Appleseed spin and graph! The second favorite to write the room 10 frames!!

PD day with Linda L. Jordan neuroscience and the implications for the classroom. My BFF says she is awesome! So even though I don't love the picture I thought I'd throw it in! I'll share more after!! 

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

100 Instagram Followers

So excited!! We have 100 Instagram Followers! To show our appreciation we are giving away 2 iTunes gift cards so that you can all keep using the cute frames and all the fun picture things on Instagram!! So enter our Rafflecopter below for your chances to win! We will give away 2 $10 iTunes gift card. Winners announced late Saturday or Sunday! ITunes card in mail Monday!! Thank you so much to all of you already following me on instagram! If you are not on instagram yet, you need to get on there! So many great ideas!

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Much Love Autumn & Ruth

SHARING: Blog, Instagram, & Pinterest oh my!!

So we started this little blog to share and get new ideas. And guess what? It worked!! I came across the cutest idea from Mrs. Banisters Kindergarten Kids(instagram name) she also has a blog over at
It fit right in with my unit on Families! First I "borrowed" ok I stole herVenn diagram for siblings in the family!
Then today we continued with our little houses. I cut out a little black house for everyone. Then we went thru colors one by one to show who lives in our house. Boy getting them to understand that just because grandma comes over does not mean that she lives with us.

At my school we are suppose to include a task, CCSS, and rubric. Don't tell I skimped a bit on this one! Hoping no one looks close enough!! If you want a copy of my key and task card just click above to grab it off google docs!
Mrs. Banister's Blog

Please be sure to go over and check out Mrs. Banister!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Yes, We All Need Motivation and Support
So much terrible national news today.  Just need to keep family close, love, and pray.

Much Love,
Ruth and Autumn

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Budding Blogger Showcase!!!

I was thrilled to see that there is a cute little linky happening over at I heart Recess! She is showcasing bloggers with fewer than 200 followers!! That is us!!

Here are the questions she asked in order for us to showcase our selves!!
1. Why did you start blogging?
Mom & I spent a ton of time stalking other blogs and then finally decided to start up our own blog as a way to record what we do especially what I do in class. But also as a great way to make more friends and interact with other teachers!!
2. What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
I guess I would have to say writing because the moment they get it and become writers is such an exciting moment for them. Their eyes just glow!
3. Describe your teaching style?
Oh WOW....Well I guess I am a don't mind the noise and chatter and busy movement. I truly believe kids learn by doing. I feel like they will spend so much of their lives being forced to sit quietly, so sometimes this is my downfall too.. At times it is too much and they are over the top! But mostly it seems to work! My son is super ADHD so it makes it hard for me to force the sit!
4. Give 3 interesting facts about you?
      a. I have kids that are 15 years apart. 3 and 18
      b. I love plain white rice. I will eat just that for dinner.
      c. I love shoes and think I should have a new pair every week. (Not reality)
Thanks for stopping by our little blog!!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hair dye, Hawkeye's Win, & a friend visits!

A bit late but it is still Saturday!! So I am going to link up with Mrs. Nelson for some Saturday Snapshots!

So this morning I went to get all this gray covered up!! I always feel so much better when the gray is gone! I mean I don't have any gray...This is my "natural" color......LOL
Then one of my hubby's dear friends came to visit from Chicago. He took Na to the toy store and this is what they came home with......
Then we headed out to watch the Hawkeye vs Iowa State game with the hubby's friend.

While we were in KC watching Iowa (and ILLINI our nephew is QB) my parents were watching in SC!
So now were are back home and it's time to get things ready for church and head to bed! Hope you all had a fun Saturday like we did!!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth
PS WOOHOO to Iowa for the win!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Motivation Quicky Print this poster!!!

So I really love what Sarah & Tamra are doing with their linky over at First Grade Buddies! But they could really use some others to participate!! So here is my quicky motivation!!! Busy night with my little missy's actual birthday and starting dance class tonight!! So forgive the short post! Here is the post I grabbed this cute poster from. She has a link over there to print this and put up in your room!!
Now go share something that motivates you and link up with these ladies!!
Much Monday Love & Motivation!
Autumn & Ruth

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Made it Monday Farm Birthday Edition!!!

Anyone else feeling like they are too busy teaching to get any cute crafts done?? I sure am! But here are a few little items that I had to get done for the 3 year olds birthday party!! We are going to link up with the now only once a month Made it! Thanks Tara for continuing this linky!
If you are a mom, aunt, or grandma you have probably seen these adorable chunky bead necklaces. You have probably also seen that they run about $20-$25 each....Well with my time and Michaels coupons I think I spent about $10 with some supplies left over. The little animals are actually buttons. You can find all sorts of cute buttons!!

Simple! Hairbows for the pigtails!

Cow Cake!! I made this!! Ok confession.....I used about 5lbs of icing....So in the 100 degree outdoor party, guess what happened by the time we sang Happy Birthday?? Yep you got it, the icing was melting down the sides into large piles! LOL Guess I should've put it in the freezer.... Oh well everyone said it tasted great!!

Cupcakes that I also whipped up with cute little cupcake flags that I also made!! They icing stayed much better on these LOL!

 The birthday girl and I...I did make her too! LOL
 She loved the whole cowgirl theme and party!!
Ok so I didn't exactly make him, but they say the woman makes the man right?? He is the best daddy ever and loves parties!!

At first everyone was bashful, but by the end everyone had their party taken in the frame!
I made this one using a frame mat (clearance at Michaels $2) Then used scraps of fabric from bandanas mom made my class for the farm last year!
I didn't take a picture....But we also boiled hot dogs, then put them in buns and wrapped in foil. Then I tossed in my microwaveable casserole hot pad into the cooler and 3 hours later they were all still really hot!!! Successful lunch!!
Just a reminder Sunday was grandparents day and our school has grandparents day fun on Monday. Mom made a couple of fun sheets about grandparents. It's in our store as a FREEBIE!! If you grab a copy we would love feedback!!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Silly Photos

It is Saturday!!!! It is mine and Poppy's thrift store shopping day, breakfast, and off to Florida to watch the Jaguars on Sunday. Sorry we live out of town and had to miss the 3rd farm birthday party of Naomi's.  But we got to listen to the "Illini" game on the way down and they did a great job of winning today.

There will be more photos and craft coming later, but today it is Nana and Poppy playing around. Yes, Nana is retired and loves to play like a kindergartner.
OK, when we get to the Courtyard to check in everything is NFL themed. The referees stay here too. Love it.
Autumn laughs at me but I like to cut my t shirts to be comfortable. So tonight I will take my Swiss Army knife scissors and recreate my Wal-Mart Jaguar shirt. (I have flipped the photo 5 times now and it I not saving.) Act like you are teaching class and looking upside down at student work.
I like to eat a Chick-Filet and we do no have one on Island so it is a treat to us.
I bought Photo props at Wal-Mart, too.  I got Poppy to pose for me.  I will use these at all of our parties and make more.
Yes, I saved the best for last. My niece sent me this app and I found it hilarious.  But Poppy told me to sleep in the other room when he saw it! Laugh some this weekend.
Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth