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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tips & Tricks Open House Help

This week for Peeps Tips & Tricks Amna is sharing an awesome resource(free) for Open House! Every paper you could possibly need!
Make sure you stop by Teach Two Reach to check out Amna's post about Open House!
You will love this freebie!
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MIM School and Hubby

We had just a few things that we finished up this week for my classroom and a couple of other crafts! So we are linking up with Tara!

So first we took the left over shower curtain material that we made closet curtains out of and made cushion covers. The red orange didn't match anything. My kids use these to sit on and do ipads!
 Next my hubby goes to boxing several times a week and made me sniff his gloves....Yes he is still alive but they were AWFUL!! So we took dryer sheets sprinkled in Purex Crystals and dropped them in and they are so much better!
Then we used E-6000 glue to attach some little white boards to the top of this big easel. I put my wireless keyboard & wireless mouse on here so I can be in the center of the class and have access to the interactive board!
Finally mom cut up a shout bottle and made a phone charger holder. 
Then mom forgot she had made these color by number and words back to school pages!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 for Friday School is in!

 Linking up this week as I head back to school!
I love having a printer in my class. It makes it so convenient! I snagged this one at Target for like $80 with ink!
The hubby took me out on a date before school started! We had an amazing steak at an awesome Kansas City restaurant called Anton's!

We loved it so much we all went back on Sunday for brunch!!
Here are my NAS Jamberry nails I am rocking this week!

16....That is the number of students currently in my class on day one!
Hope you all are having an awesome back to school time!!

Kansas City Meet Up 2014

I was so lucky this past weekend! I really wanted to meet some other bloggers in the Kansas City area! Well I have been stalking other blogs looking for a meet up to no avail! So I started asking around, and had several people interested. So we decided to have a meet up at Cheesecake Factory. It was so much fun. There ended up being a table of 10 which was just perfect so we could chat and get to know each other. 
Starting here on the left is my mom(Ruth/Nana) & then myself(Autumn), Michelle(The Journey) in progress, Alisha(Missing Tooth Grins), Ashley(My Prekinder Class) in progress, Sarah(Mrs. Jones Teaches), Stephanie(First Grade Bangs), Shelby (First time Firstie), Kim(Splish Splash Mrs. Landers Class), Monica(Roland with ipads). 
Here is the little ditty I adapted to play the gift swap! 
Click on it to grab a free copy!

These are the cute table buses that mom made! Also here are the name tags I made. See the sunflowers for Kansas and the magnifying glass for Missouri(show me)!

Everyone brought a bag full of goodies to exchange! Here were the amazing bags mom & I got! This also made it easier to recognize others! 

Here are all of my MO-Kan Ladies! You must go check them out! I can vouch for them in person they are really the sweetest ladies you will ever meet!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Made It Monday:Back to School

So one last Made It Monday link up before I get back to school.
So the first projected we started on was attempting to dye my pocket charts black. Well we tried the powder dye with vinegar and HOT water. Then we tried the liquid dye with HOT water and more vinegar. There were 2 that are blackish(dark navy) and 1 that we ruined(cheap target green one) and one that remained blue! So this was kinda a fail and and kinda a success......
 Next we painted my divider from red, blue, and green to just black. We are better with spray paint than we are with dye!
 I stopped by my BFF's room and she had used her superhero material to recover her stool. This made me remember that I had a stool in my garage from my dad's house! So I brought it in and used oil cloth to recover it. I also used some felt to add some cushion to the stool!
 Finally we made new curtains out of shower curtains. Can you see us continuing my black and white theme? Please don't judge my stash that I hide behind the curtains!
Go check out all the stuff everyone else made!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Highs & Lows

I am linking up this week with my friend Julie! 
You have to go check out her post on her classroom it is SO cute!!!
My first high is an answered prayer! Due to a very long teenage driven story my son & I have been estranged(use to think that was a ridiculous word until I lived it) But I was able to see and hug him this week. After what was too long for any mom to go. We are now trying to get back on track! This is proof that prayers are answered on his time not my time!! Honestly with this high I couldn't ask for another thing all week.

Do any of the rest of you suffer from back to school depression? I have so much fun in the summer especially with my little miss! So I dread taking her back to daycare and returning to this piled up mess in my classroom!

Just look at that mess!! I will show you some pictures on Monday of some of the progress!! Go link up and check out everyone else's highs and lows!

Tips & Tricks from Heather!

We are back again this week with a new tips & tricks from another of my awesome Peep friends! 
This week is by Heather over at the Busy Busy Hive! 
She has the cutest freebie for a craftivity with these adorable desk mates. You have to buzz by her blog and grab the freebie! 

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Friday, August 8, 2014

5 For Friday Last Summer Post

We are linking up for our last Friday of the Summer!
We have had a really busy week! We had a bar-b-cue with friends & family! So glad I got to see my sweet niece! She was quite the karaoke star!
Then we went to the minor league T-bones game with our best friends!(They had free tickets for us WHoop!!!) 
This little lady went back to school Monday! She is in a new class! The 4 year old class! She was so excited to see her friends! 
 Then we had our last ballet class and swapped out for gymnastics which she is way more excited about!
Then the highlight of my week I got to see my boy! Too long of a story but many answered prayers! Which made that the best moment of my week!