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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Bucket List 10 things I want to do!

Here is a little peek at my Summer Bucket List! Hope you all have great plans for the summer too!!

1. Go to Yoga as much as possible! I love going to yoga and it is so hard to fit it into my schedule during the school year!I would prefer beach yoga but will settle for a class!

2. Organization! I want to spend some major time getting some closets and no longer needed baby clothes moved out and sold! I will not be sharing a picture of my closets or basement. But here is what I picture my little pink girls closet looking like!

3. Review my items in my TPT store so I can edit and use them!

4. For the first time we are going on a Caribbean cruise! We are all so excited. My daughter keeps saying is it time to go on the cruise? 

5. Go to my moms so we can spend some quality time (beach time) and Naomi can eat at the Bamboo & dance on the stage! Hopefully I'll get in that beach yoga too!

7. Spend some time at the zoo with some of our very best friends! We always have a great time with them at the zoo!

8. Relax!!! Relax!!! Relax!!!! I almost bought this chair at Sams club today!! Anyone have one?

9. Get all of my Jamberry organized! It started growing before I could get it organized. Need to work on my facebook party posts! 

10. Play Play & Play! The best part of summer is all the time I get to spend with this little cutie! 
So what are your summer plans? Don't forget to link up with Mrs. Jump's Class. 

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Much Love Autumn & Ruth

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do You Like Wreaths?

Linking with Just a Primary Girl.
Last year, I got into making wreaths that I found on pinterest.
Pinterest Wreath

My Wreath

Pinterest Father's  Day Wreath
Pinterest Wreath I would like to try.

Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth

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Five for Friday & A Summer Splash Giveaway!

Linking up with Doodle bugs for 5 for Friday! Here is how my week went! Hope yours was awesome! I am on the almost summer countdown! We have 5 full days and 1 half day! With kids then we have to go back for Active shooter training and a work day. But back to my week!

We had dance dress rehearsal and parent watch week! This was seriously one of the cutest things ever!!
I am still just as seriously obsessed with Jamberry nail wraps! Not to mention I'm not doing to shabby selling them! There are the May exclusive and just perfect with my recently hatched butterflies.

 This is the current look of my bathroom! Good news is we are remodeling our bathroom. The bad news is we are sharing my daughters bathroom which is weird because we have never done that! Hopefully finished this weekend!
Today was field day and the kids LOVED it! They have so much fun but are absolutely beat by the end! 18 activities!! WOW I am tired too! 

These are some of my Primary Peeps and we are hooking up to bring you a fabulous Splash into Summer giveaway! So make sure you enter our Rafflecopter to win a $100 Visa gift card!! What a great way to start your summer!!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth!!!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday WOW- May 21,2014

It is Wednesday. I am sure it never happens to you, but I lost count on which Wednesday it was. Autumn is in Report Card revising meeting today (I believe that is correct). Yes, she too is counting down here days. She still has Field Day and another meeting on Friday. I forgot what that one is about.

The WOW idea that I did for her was being sure her students that were mostly non-readers could match up the storybooks & CDs and get them in the same baggies.  Many times companies just use words on the CDs which is little help to the students. Yes, we want them all to learn to read and match words together...but as a teacher we found time was often spent making sure the correct story & CD were together. If the company just used words, I scanned in the book cover and then created a round CD label to put on the correct CD.

We found this raised the success of students getting the correct book & CD together. Which made the class run more smoothly and easier when packing centers away.

(Yes, and I, Nana, made many cassette tapes into CDs before they were all worn out.) I did it by seasons one year and tried to stay ahead of her classroom. This took quite awhile, but once it was done, her students listen to so many more books. I am sure ipads will change things even more, but for now she is good.

Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Bring on Summer- from HHI

Thanks Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Linky. I know everyone is busy finishing their years. OK, many of you. But when I looked outside this AM my Tiger Lilies had bloomed after the nice showers we had yesterday. So I ran out and took a look around the yard and here is what I found.
Then I noticed my Peace Lily is doing great outside too.
Then others are so green.
I have a tomato on one of my plants.
My new lemon tree has blooms- come on lemons so I can make lemonade.
So hoping everyone has a great weekend.  The island is full of tourist and kids out of college. Summer is here!

Much love,
Autumn and Ruth

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do You See a Broken Pot or a Fairy Garden
We will be linking with Just a Primary Girl our pinterest findings.
I have been out in the yard seeing the damage from the long winter and finding plants that are springing up on their own.  I find one of my large clay planters that has cracked and broken off. Of course the husband casually says, Oh well, we'll just have to through it away." I reply, " Oh no, I've been wanting to make a "Fairy Garden!" ( Yes, I was recreating things, before it became "upcycling.")
Not sure mine will turn out like this.

They make many of the items out of popsicle sticks.

                                              Of some of them use sticks from the yard.

So when I was out, I found popsicle sticks on sale. Good thing I don't have to eat popsicles to get the sticks.
I will try to come back and let you know how far I get on this one. It make take a while. Hopefully I will find my very own fairy!

Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth

Monday, May 5, 2014

May- Made It

Linky with 4th Grade Frolics. I love looking at everyone's creativity.  I have made units for Kindergarten but like to look at things I have made for home. I had promised no more Kentucky Derby pictures, but it is one of my favorite days. And it all turned out so well.

 Then on Sunday when we went into little gift store, I saw the funniest coasters that I may try to duplicate. Each one made me think of particular people. Hope you see the humor.

Hope this made someone laugh besides me! Yes, our store will be on sale, too. We love sales.

Much love,
Autumn and Ruth

Friday, May 2, 2014

5 for Friday-Derby Week

Autumn has taught all week, while I am busy getting ready for our Kentucky Derby Party. We are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Yes, I was born and raised in Western Kentucky. Yes, we have had our Derby Units on sale earlier.
I was thankful to see someone on instagram post pictures of the air balloon festival.
Yes, earlier in the week , I got all of my decorations out of the attic. If I don't pack them away together, I forget what I have.

I watched the drawings of the gates and the picking of the horses that would go in each gate.  No, I need to make my new list for guest to be able to recognize jockey silks and gate numbers.

I have mint plants and a good friend also sent me several bags so that I don't run out. I am planning on freezing some in ice cubes this year.

I am ready to polish silver cups and make sure they are ready to go.  My saddle is ready for photo booth setting.  I have wreaths on the doors, my lawn jockey decorated, and collection of horses in the paddock. 

I am waiting on my nail wraps. I want to have mine on and they are my favors for my guest. We are cutting it
Hopefully my wraps will get here and I can show some friends how to do fashion fingers and send them home with enough to do all the fingers and toes they desire.

Much love,
Ruth and Autumn
PS- Next weekend is Mother's Day- (Just a reminder for Autumn)