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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Bonus:Cash or Compliments?? Close Reading

As a teacher I only know of the "Christmas Bonus" from the stories others tell me. Teachers may get a gift or a hug but not money! I love my job so I am ok with this set up. (If you were planning to send me a check go ahead!) Anyhow I have been studying up on "Close" reading and trying to figure out ways to make it appropriate to use in kindergarten. So I came up with a little a passage to use with my kinders! First we had already read Chris VanAllsburg's Polar Express  then I read the passage with it projected on the board. We read thru the passage twice on Wednesday.
Then on Thursday we reread the passage and I handed out their papers and we highlighted the title on my paper. Then they went back and highlighted their title. Then we went one at a time thru the sentences discussing the "important" words thru out the passage. They would then return to there seats to highlight the same one or two things that we did as a group. Then they would also draw pictures to help them remember the words.

As you can see they did AWESOME!!!! Well I shared this lesson with a coworker to get some feedback......She then shared with our principal whom then shared with several other administrators. I then received several complimentary emails!! But to top it off my assistant superintendent also tweeted about it!! I was seriously blushing!!

So excited to use more of these passages with my students!!! Putting the finishing touches on this pack which features a non fiction passage on moose and one on polar bears. I also included vocabulary cards, an alphabetical order activity, writing paper, and a label the animal paper!

Much Love and Merry Christmas,
Autumn & Ruth

Monday, December 9, 2013

December Made it Monday
We are linking with 4th Grade Frolics. Yes, it is that time of year when everyone is busy. Fun stuff first.
Yes, this is my granddaughter and Autumn's daughter. She discovered that with her Santa pajamas on and the hat with beard from Nana that she looks JUST LIKE SANTA! She knows that no one can tell who she is.  So yes, we made her. Ho, Ho, Ho!

I decided to create 2 Las Posadas Units. I have sold several and waiting for some reviews.

And then we created some more Christmas Themed Center Units.
Staying busy with friends parties, church, and family. And school. Maybe soon, we can get around to our homemaking crafting. Have  a jolly season, laugh, and stay warm.
Much love,
Autumn and Ruth

Friday, December 6, 2013

Where oh where have I been?
Have you ever had a really great friend and then made a new friend that you liked even better? Well it happened to me. I had blogger first then I went and met Instagram.... Which made me kinda forget about blogger.... So that blogger doesn't turn on me I'm gonna to try to divide my attention! So today we are linking up with Doodlebugs 5 for Friday... OK is that cheating all about pictures?
Last week we spent the long weekend traveling! First to Omaha to spend Thanksgiving with friends so close they might as well be family!

Then we trecked thru Iowa and made a 3 hour stop to watch the Hawkeyes take down the Huskers! 

Then we headed on over to Illinois to watch our nephews last football game as the quarterback for  the University of Illinois! 

So I have been warn out this week! But teaching all about Hanukkah! More on that in my next post!!

Much love Autumn & Ruth