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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All Aboard Mrs.Gill's Polar Express

OK, the Novice Nana is at it again. I can't get the train side by side, the passenger car will not move up. This is the new hallway display. I can't wait to see what my creative daughter puts on display. I love being able to see all that she does from my side of the world. She is in heavy coats and gloves and I am still in my crocs and doing yard work inthe sunshine.  Our whole family had a busy weekend watching football and getting ready for the holidays coming.  Wish I was around to attend Autumn's gatherings and that she would be around for my New Year's Celebration and later Super Bowl Sunday.  Gee where has the year gone. Stay tuned. Maybe she can straighten out my train. She is my guru.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Musical Turkeys

Hoping everyone had a great day. It was sunny and relaxing on the island today. We had lunch with neighbors and enjoyed the compay of college student that has been away. Family and I were apart this year. But so glad all is well from Coast to Coast. I attempted turkeys from pintrest. They tasted better than they looked. We have enjoyed bikes and football today. We have football game this weekend in Jacksonville. We'll see how it goes.

We are ready for Hanukah and I have posted my new units. We are excited about more new units being created. Keep tabs on us we are wathching all of our new followers. Remember Monday Cyber Sales are on their way. I have my wish list. Do you?

Gobble, Gobble,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful Linky Party

Linking up with Lyndsey over at "a year of many firsts" for her Thankful Linky Party. I have been having a few challenges at work this year so I have probably not been taking enought time out to see how blessed and how thankful I should be so I am glad for this opportunity to share with all of you and remind myself of all the things I have to be thankful for!

First and always I am thankful for God and my church family and friends! Just got a facial and relax time from my great friend Kim!

Next I am so thankful for my super awesome husband! He loves me more than I deserve some days! He works super hard to take care of our family! I am so glad God gave him to me!


I also have the best kids anyone could ask for! My

son(bubba) and my daughter(sissy girl) are the light of my life. I am so proud of the people they are both becoming!

Then of course there is my momma who helps me with this blog and developing al sorts of great resources for my classroom! She is the best mom anyone could ever have! She loves all of us beyond measure and we love her the same!
Finally I am blessed to have tons of other friends and family that I am blessed with!!!

Head over to see all of the other Thankful posts and check out some other great blogs!

Much Love Autumn & Ruth

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hanukah is coming

Good news is when it is raining I get inside work done. I completed "Happy Hanukah Bundle". 
But as I started to look for our Hanukah decorations, I could not find them. No menorah or dreidels. It has got to be here somewhere, but it was not in Thanksgiving box or Christmas things. Knowing my luck it will turn up in July decorations. But I did get in attic to put away Halloween.
I made edible dreidels and took photos, then Bert ate the pretzels and chocolate kisses and threw away the marshmallows.

This is the bundle of  all things hanukah! All of the items are aligned to the CCSS and it is shown on the bottom of each page! We are also separating them into a Math and a ELA pieces. So here is a link to the bundle! Will add link to the pieces when we get them loaded up!
Hanukah begins December 8 and lasts to December 16th. Please enjoy and let us know if there is anything else that we could help you with on teaching your class about Hanukah. Wish we could come make latkes in each of your classrooms!

Much Love Ruth & Autumn

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Teaching Tips Linky Party

Miss Kindergarten is having a teaching tips linky Party! I do agree with her that the blogging world is like one big PLC! Best news is I only have to attend this PLC and listen to the stuff that applies! Anyhow I was trying to think of a GREAT BLOW YOUR MIND tip........And yep you guessed it I am pulling a blank.......... So still thinking about this. I teach all day I have to have 1 tip stored away somewhere up there that would be meaningful to you.......
And I am sure tomorrow I will think of that SUPER TIP! But for tonight this is a simple one! I think we get caught up in all the "expectations" that are thrown on us and we forget that these kiddos are just that kiddos! So I have been taking a book out of my mom's sometimes "old school" book! We are singing fools in my class! (I CAN'T SING) but my kiddos have NO idea! They jam out with me!! So I have been keeping a stack of seasonal songs by our carpet area so if I need to fill a minute, have a brain break, or just for fun! This group is eating it up! They think I'm as good as Taylor Swift(WOOT WOOT) just wait till they realize my voice is dreadful! Try out this one tomorrow!
Turkey NO on google docs
or on TPT at

Sorry no clip art on it, haven't paid for additional license for freebies....

Thanks for stopping by! Go check out all the amazing tips over at Miss Kindergarten!

Much Love, Autumn & Ruth

Veteran's Day & Thanksgiving

I am sure most of you know today is Veteran's Day! My step son is in the Air Force stationed in England! I am so proud of how hard he works and that he felt called to be a part of keeping our nation what it is! Luckily he has not yet been in the line of fire! (I hope we keep it that way!) In order to help you share with your kiddos, mom & I put together a few activities to help there are 5 Veteran's Day song posters (1 original), counting by 2's math paper, counting by 5's paper, coloring sheet by sight words with traceable sentence, and a poppy art project. All activities are aligned to the CCSS.
Pick up the activities here for just $1.50!

We also added some Thanksgiving Math to compliment the ELA activities that we had. Here is what is included:
These Thanksgiving activities all have the CCSS standard listed individually on each paper.There are whole group and center activities included.
•10 Frame Write the Room & Recording Sheet. K.CC.4
•Number Cards 1-30 Use for Calendar or to order in a center.
•Roll & Graph Activity: Use in a center or print multiple dice and use in small groups. K.CC.6
•Turkey Addition K.OA.5
•Fill in the missing number (3 sheets) K.CC.2
•Color by Addition K.OA.1

Go check it out! Just $2.00

In other news how is your weather? I am in the midwest and it is COLD! I made a big pot of Chicken Curry with Roti for afternoon dinner.. And our fireplace has been on since we got home from church! It's cold and wet here!

Tomorrow we have to turn in our lesson plans to be reviewed by our principal and instructional coach. Although I have done pretty well(this year) about having my lesson plans out (thanks to the pinterest plate display idea) I kind of dread turning them in! Feels like they will be picked apart.. My plans are pretty simple. How about yours? Do you have to turn in regularly?
So I must now get off pinterest, TPT, facebook and the like and do previously mentioned plans (unless one of you has great ones you want to loan me) LOL! Have a great week 7 teaching days for me the THANKSGIVING!!! YEAH

Lastly, here is my super cute turkey outside of my door. I made it then and my friend Stacie put it up for me! YEAH what a great friend!
Get it I named her CC(Common Core) Turkey!

BIG Turkey!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hallway Walk-through Evaluation

I was so proud when I did my own hallway walk- through evaluation when I was visiting in K.C.

Autumn had an attractive Leaf Graph that her students had done with homework assignment. She had Common Core Standards listed, Explanation of Activites, and Depth of Knowledge sited. The students' writing was displayed.  It all reminded me how much more society expects from teachers today. Not sure the general public gets it all, but it is all there for those who are checking. I am so proud that my daughter, chose to follow in my footsteps. I know she will not gain lots of material wealth, but love watching how her empathy and caring continues to grow from all her experiences. She  thought I was laughing at her teaching, but I was laughing because I was so slow, I could not keep up with her Kindergarten on their naming the alpahbet and the sounds each letter makes. I got B,C,D, messed up E, got F,G,H, messed up I..... I felt so confused. During recess Autumn explained they did both the long and short sounds.  OH, now, I get it!" Grandma's slow, but she is old!" I had a great week and was so proud of her wonderful teaching and classroom management.

Thanks MOM!!
You can find all of the papers and letters home in this Autumn Packet along with tons of other stuff!! If anyone needs the hall rubric to go with let me know I can send or adapt & send it!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Official LINK UP!!!

Ok this is my 1st official link up! It took a bit for me to get it right and I am so thankful to Debbie at K is for Kinderiffic for helping me figure it out!!! Go see her at
Also go see everyone that is linked up at Oh Boy Fourth

I am SO excited to be linked up!!! YEAH!!!
Much Love,
OOPS it was supposed to be classroom music... In that case add Jack Hartman!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

I am so lucky this year! One of my kiddos has a super awesome God mother! She wants to be in charge of all of my parties!!! YEAH for me! She also came in to make applesauce! Not to mention she is constantly sending in cute little cut outs from her cricut!! So all that said here are a few pictures from our party decorations and the graphs we created to decide how our jack-o-lantern should look!
Finished Jack-o-lantern
The kids had so much fun! She also brought games! Pass the pumpkin(hot potato) and pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern. Oh and prizes!! I was also blessed with another family that took their afternoon break/lunch to come in and decorate and set up!! Lastly had to share a little picture of my own Ladybug leaving her daycare parade & party!!
Graph: eyes, nose, mouth
Juice box
My Ladybug

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! It was great for me since my Mom was visiting and helped in my classroom all week! But now she is gone and I am sad!! Miss her and hate that she lives far away!
Much Love,