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Friday, January 31, 2014


Listening: I shall confess I am listening to the best movie in the history of all movies! Dirty Dancing of course. If you a agree then we are obviously meant to be BFF's!!

Loving: That my hubby ran to the store and got dinner with our snow ice storm that started tonight!

Thinking: I hope the roads are clear so we can go to Naomi's God sister high school performance of  Beauty & the Beast

Wanting: A new bedroom look. I want peacock colors and accents and my hubby thinks that is absurd! I think he thinks I'm going to put a peacock mural on the wall.....Really just like the rich turquoise and purples!

Needing: To get back into a workout routine & back on my diet! Pizza tonight with extra chees is not a diet food. (Or is it?)

2 truths & a fib: I really was in an all girl drum and bugle corps in high school. We wore kilts and marched on our toes!
I also was a high school dropout. I got pregnant with my son so I quit school. But obviously then I got my GED, bachelors, and masters degrees! My fib is that I love winter weather! Absolutely not! I wish I lived on the beach!

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Much Love Autumn & Ruth
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 for Super Bowl Friday

It's already Friday again! We have been getting ready for the super bowl this week in my class. Our centers have had a football theme as well as our writing and lots of our read alouds. I am pretty sure this group would be happy keeping a football theme for the rest of the year! Our home down Chiefs had a pretty good season so our area is a bit football obsessed. So here are our 5 for Friday pictures!
First this is our brainstorm list for our Football Acrostic Poem
This is a math center activity for them to work on measurement.
These sentence creator cards are a bit harder. But my higher kiddos that are reading really love them!
Here is the spot I was going to add a writing paper an ending sounds paper! But I was awaken at 3 am with a sick little one! So I won't be seeing school or those papers tomorrow.

What is the student favorite center in your class?

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Much Love Autumn & Ruth

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WOW Wednesday

Welcome to WOW Wednesday!! Some days I seem to have all the great ideas, then the rest of the month happens. So I thought this would be a great opportunity for all my super creative and amazing friends to share their best ideas! So to start this linky party off, this is the 5th Wednesday so please link up any great idea you have had for the month of January! It can be a great bulletin board, a fun lesson, great organization idea, anything you were proud of!! Share it here!!

So here is my attempt at a great idea! I am loving using close reading in my class! My most recent CLOSE reading was about Groundhogs. I love these for 2 reasons. First the kids love them. The feel like such big kids highlighting and annotating text. This is also great practice for them to learn how to answer text dependent questions. The other reason I love these is because I have received numerous compliments. These have been from coworkers, my principal, my assistant superintendent, and other district office team members. Come on you all know compliments are the little bonus we get!
After we do the close reading and highlighting and annotating then we do all the extra activities to reinforce the vocabulary and concepts in the passage. I am working on this all Tuesday & Wednesday and will try to update the pictures after!
So please copy the picture above and link it back to this page. Then ad your link below! We are asking you to follow the rule of 3(I think this is Farleys rule) with this rule you need to go comment on a person or 2 that posted before you and a person or 2 that posted a link after you.
Much Love Autumn & Ruth

Friday, January 24, 2014

5 for Friday!!!

Hello all!! So glad it is Friday! This has been a weird week! No school Monday for MLK! Whom I am really thankful to him & all the others who fought tirelessly for equal rights!!

Then Tuesday I had a curriculum & instruction day so we got some great adult learning in! We also got to eat out WOOHOO!!!
Back in class we finished up some wintery snowy fun!
Then we started our Arctic Animals unit!
 The measurement center was a HUGE hit! I think everyone was able to do it!
I was also able to spend some time with a little miss making some Valentines cards!
Now I am prepping for Super Bowl week & centers! Only a couple days to enter our awesome giveaway!!!!

 Be sure to check back Wednesday for our WOW Wednesday Linky party with a focus on your best January idea!

Much Love, Autumn & Ruth

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All this football & a Giveaway!!

Just so you know if you are a new followerer we are a football obsessed family! My hubby played in the NFL and my oldest son played in high school & college. The younger one in high school and hopefully college! Our nephew played and many of our friends! Also my mom (Nana & Poppy) have box seats for the Jaguars (don't mention their record) LOL All that being said we have been hard at work on our Super Bowl & football themed items in our TPT store!
Our Super Bowl ELA contains 6 literacy center activities as well as many ready to print pages!

Our Super Bowl Math contains 5 Math center Activities and many ready to print pages!

GO grab this freebie from our store! I use these in centers. The kiddos grab a laminated (or in a plastic sleeve) paper and a corresponding page to record on! I have also used as a whole group activity by projecting the graphing board on my screen then each student gets a recording sheet! This is a great way to use the first one as a demonstration!

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Much Love Autumn & Ruth

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Fun

                        It seems like it has been a long week.
                   We are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.
We were so happy that Daddy got home from out of town business trip. Things are not the same with him gone!  So we had a happy fondue time with chocolate on marshmallows and bananas. Yum!!
My class has loved doing close reading activities and investigating Arctic Animals like the moose. 
We are under beginning to understand Alphabetical Order. 
Posted work in the hallway for siblings and parents to see.  Oops, I forgot to label with CCSS. Do you ever forgot those things?
 Nana is starting to plan her Super Bowl Party and has made
Our family is ready for the playoffs.  Nana made free graphing boards and is starting to plan her Super Bowl Party.  She has update both our Super Bowl ELA & Math Products.
For mom's Groundhog's Birthday, I am doing a Birthday Give Away. Check back in this weekend. I will get it up and posted this weekend. Mom loves parties, jewelry, and free things! Who doesn't? Be sure to be a part of this celebration. 
Also head over to Instagram for another chance to win. A different bracelet!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Football Fever & A Birthday giveaway!!

So my husband played for Iowa and still loves that he's a Hawkeye! He was also one of the few that was lucky enough to play in the NFL!! So around my house we are a bit football crazy!! We have recently put the finishing touches on our revamped Super Bowl Units in our TPT store! But today we uploaded a fun set of graphing boards that are football inspired! Go snag a copy and I would love feedback on your thoughts on this product!! Keep watching because next week we have a fun giveaway planned for Nana's birthday!!
Much Love 
Autumn & Ruth 

Monday, January 13, 2014

More blogging

So I have a goal to truly show my blog some love and be here more often! So here is a little piece of our day today. I finally bought some finger flashlights. They were a huge hit!
Before this they were only able to use their (gasp) finger or a Popsicle pointer with an animal on the end. Has anyone else found any easy cost effective pointers?
They love these recording sheets for their graphing boards.

Well I guess we just love graphing! On this one the use either a snowman dice or the spinner to then graph the results.
This little guy has grown so much barely a name writer in August look how great his vocabulary write the room looks!

And then a ten frame write the room. Can you tell we are wild about write he room and clipboards?

Because we like graphing so much click below to grab a football graphing freebie!

Getting ready for a celebrate nana's birthday giveaway!

Much Love 
Autumn & Ruth

Saturday, January 11, 2014

More on Close Reading!!

So I guess I am a bit obsessed with doing close reading with my kinders! This is the Polar Bear one we did this week. We do our highlighting on day 2 of our read. I am still going one step at a time and working as a group to identify our important vocabulary from the passage. I love their illustrations!

The kinders then worked on this alphabetical order paper just to reinforce some of the vocabulary!

Same thing with this labeling activity.

It was so awesome to hear them using words like carnivore and summarizing the passage! Just amazing the things they get!

Here are a few of our Snowman centers and activities. Everything except the mitten art is in one of our snowman units!

This is an addition write the room activity.

This is their morning work with the snowy theme.

This was a simple size ordering activity.

You can grab the snowy stuff on sale here from our TPT store!

Also we are linking up over at Doodlebugs!
Much love
Autumn & Ruth

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year

It's the beginning of another year. I treasure each year more and more. I am getting to enjoy all the changes that occur in each grandchild.

Because we blog together, it keeps my daughter close to me.  I suppose most moms think their children are a little bit smarter and quicker than they are.  I depend on her to keep me updated on technology and drag me along.  She does a good job of being positive and explaining procedures slowly to me. 

We are trying to complete new units on the Arctic, Chinese New Year, and the Olympics. We are updating our Super Bowl School units and reevaluating others.  So be on the look out!

In March, Autumn is presenting at the Missouri Conference on the Young Years.  Yes, Nana will be there to encourage and babysit Naomi while her mom presents. 

So we want to wish you and yours blessings during the new year!
I am trying to pack 2013 away.