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Friday, June 13, 2014

5 for Friday Summer Time Week 1

So as usual we are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday! I LOVE summer but always feel like it zips by! This was our first full week of summer break! We started the week with a trip to the dentist. I am not sure why or where she is getting the lip less smile??

Then we got to spend some time with friends. We even had a sleepover!!

I spent some time shopping looking for cocktail dresses to wear on our cruise!
Thanks to my Jamberry earnings I got all 3 dresses!

I am seriously living in my new shower! It is so nice to just stand there in this super awesome new shower!

So what have all of you been up to this week? 


  1. How exciting your getting to go on a cruise and those dresses look like they will be perfect for it!!!


  2. Ain't that grand? Seems like a very fruitful and productive day for your daughter, with a bit of milestones to booth. Those trips to the dentists are something worth marking among a child's formative years, since that is what is going to mold and shape how she's going to go about in the future. Good going!

    Jason Dew @ Metro Dental Associates