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Monday, October 14, 2013

Making it Monday

Not sure if anyone is a bad as I am (Nana) at finishing projects. I have spent the summer collecting items to make myself a wreath for the World Series. I collected baseballs at the thrift stores for 25 cents a piece anytime I saw one. I also got softballs, miniature bats (one that is an autographed collectable), helmets, trophies, and dolls. I drilled holes in the baseballs and strung together on a coat hanger. My problem is getting my bat, helmet, and trophy attached.
So it's taking a little longer.

But I did complete making a center piece with left over balls and an Atlanta Cabbage Patch Kid I got.
I took all the left over balls and put them in a glass bowl from the resale shop and added team flags that I made.

I made an new unit for the Series.
"We're Talking Baseball-World Series"
So I did get that done.

Way to go Mom!! Looks cute!! My craftiness is still in the JoAnne's bag...Hold on I'll add a picture! Just so I can say I helped out the post LOL!!!

OK, Naomi wants to be a ghost for Halloween and for those of you that have seen my family.....My hubby said she is absolutely NOT allowed to wear a sheet over her head...Then she decided Daddy should dress up and be a ghost too! I am guessing he will wear a white tshirt and that is it. So for her outfit I have sparkley white tulle and elastic to make a tutu then the sticky felt to make a face on a white tshirt. Then black and white leggings or tights tada ghost. I'll share when I actually make it! What great costumes are you all creating? Also do you dress up with the kids?

Go check out all the craftiness over at Tara's!

Much Love, Ruth & Autumn

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday is Here

Mom made food flags for her candy cup so they could sit and watch play off games.
My brother took the boa mom sent to the girls for dress up and used it with all his Cardinal gear. Yep, that's my family.

 Yes, we covered fire safety and my students are ready for Mizzou football.
The Grandview Fire Department came to school and did a great job!
We have updated our Christopher Sailed the Ocean Blue Unit. Yes, I will be doing a Columbus theme, because we have school and I have to miss the sales!
Much love,
Autumn and Ruth


Friday, October 4, 2013

Friendly Fire Safety Week

We are linking with  5 For Friday.


It is Friday and time to be prepared for next week and head out to a college football weekend. I am ready to go!
I have up new Spin/Roll Graphing out in Math Centers.
Mom made me a magnetic letter fire unit because my students are enjoying their magnetic letters so much.
Write the Room Ten Frames are another favorite of my
 "clipboard monsters". Get it, it is Halloween time.
I have vocabulary cards for writing center, but think I will make a Write the room with an extra set. (Mom can you make me a recording sheet for Monday?)
And I have my simple sentences ready to go for "Morning Work". My plans are ready so I can take out for my football weekend.
Hope you all have a good weekend and avoid bad weather. Our "Friendly Fireman Unit is posted in our store if you need things for your Monday.
Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is here!!

Time for bats, ghosts, and pumpkins! This also means it is time to link up with Farley for Currently on the 1st!!

1. Listening: I am listening to the voice. Nothing is on tonight and I've been home sick so I am sick of TV!!
2. Loving: My new instagram friends! I have gotten such great new ideas! I swear 5 times a day I say "on instagram they------"
3. Thinking: All the new fall shows make me much less productive! I have things I want to get done on the computer and things I want to do with the little miss, but they suck me in and then I am forced to watch! LOL anyone else have a TV problem? (Not tonight)
4. Wanting: My daughter to be Doc McStuffins for Halloween, but no she want to be a ghost. Really a ghost? She wants me to be a "light" WHAT? How am I suppose to be a light? The 3 year old mind...Guess I need to get to work on a ghost costume!
5. Needing: To feel well so I don't have to miss another day! I hate missing school, especially when I don't feel like everything was in order for a sub. Luckily I got a sub I am familiar with and she is a super awesome retired teacher!!!
6. Trick or Treat: 2 treats! 1. We will be doing another iTunes card giveaway on instagram when we get to 150 followers!! Second treat leave a comment here and I will give a random person our new improved Autumn Songs & Activities!

Thanks Color me Kinder< Hope you don't mind I borrowed your idea!
Much Love, Autumn & Ruth