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Friday, May 17, 2013

Field Trip & Field Day & Five Friday

So we are coming down to the end of the year WOOHOO!! So this was a very busy week! We had a farm field trip on Tuesday then Field Day on Thursday. We have also been working on our non fiction shared research books on farm animals! Busy business!
Field Day
Field Day

Farm Field Trip In our matching purple shirts and our bandanas that Nana made!

Shared Research Farm Animal Books
Found a way to use all of my leftover koozies from my wedding 5 years ago! Numbered them and then used them on everyone's water bottles, so we didn't get mixed up!!
Much Love, Autumn & Ruth[fiveforfriday.jpg]


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


After 2 rescheduled dates (one due to snow) we were finally able to go on our field trip! We have a Children's Farmstead here in our area. It is awesome and they continue to add to it. The kids love it. Last year my mom (The Nana) dyed us purple shirts and then ironed on a "Mrs. Gill's Class" print. I know purple for the boys, but the choices were either purple or pink..... Great news is that they are only 5/6 so if you get all excited then they do too! So all my boys are just thrilled that we match. We have been doing all sorts of farm animal studying! They were so excited about udders and manure! Here are a few pictures. I have not put in kids faces, except my mom volunteers kiddo which I have special specific permission to include. Working on verification that I am ok to put faces in! But you will get to see the main idea of our super fun field trip!

Friday, May 10, 2013

2 weeks left

It's Friday and time to link up!
So I am in the Midwest and we have had a very Snowy Winter/Spring. We actually had to postpone a farm field trip in May due to snow.... Anyhow we have used the Brain Breaks on You Tube like crazy! Just search Brain Breaks. Lots of songs from Wi and Kinect so the kids see the dance moves! They love them and they are great for brain breaks as well as to move about for indoor recess!

We have MAP buddies. So we partner up with 5th grade and take them treats and notes to encourage them during the MAP testing weeks! On Monday they came down with notes and a treat for us! How sweet! My kiddos were thrilled that the 5th graders came to our room!
Spring Flower Addition Matching Center
Morning work Sentence Scramble all about Mom!
Roll & Color with a farm them Word Work Center
We are still working on our farm unit because we had to reschedule our field trip twice due to weather! So I stretched it out! We have 11 days left. How about you?
Linked up!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer is Around the Corner!

It seems that we all missed Spring this year, but Summer is around the corner. Whether there is not enough time for you to finish everything you wanted to complete this year, or there is too much time and you are ready to break immediately; Summer is coming!
As a Nana, I can hardly wait. I started booking airline flights for my two children's families to fly to the island to visit for 6 days.

I love seeing everyone maturing in their own way. Beginning with my own 2 children who respect me and their step-dad. It is interesting to watch. They know that they always have my love so they do not fixate on me, but they are still wanting to please their step-dad. No, I am not a psychologist and could be totally wrong, but that is what I think I see.

Then there are my grandchildren growing up quickly. Our 2's  are both turning 3. They are cousins and do a decent job of sharing. But it is interesting to watch the personalities and behaviors. Breakfast routines, food preferences, nap times, bed times, vocabularies, scribbling writing, songs and rhythms, .....

It is a time for me to sit and remember and be able to do all the observing any teacher could want. Take time to enjoy your family this summer or break. They are only here a lifetime, which really is not long enough.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kentucky Girl with a Julep!!

I grew up in Kentucky and when you grow up in Kentucky you are required to LOVE the Kentucky Derby. Although I am now on the beach in South Carolina my love for the derby remains! We have an annual party here for all of our friends!
My jockey that gets different decorations for every holiday!
The yummy spread!

If your in the neighborhood be sure to stop by for an authentic mint julep!

We did put together a little packet with a derby theme! You can grab it on sale at our TPT store!
Much Love Ruth & Autumn


Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Friday Pictures

This has been a rather weird week! I was out Monday and Tuesday with a sick little girl! Then back in school Wednesday & Thursday and out again Friday for a team collaboration day, now I'm sick.... Let me also mention I am here in the Midwest in this snowy mess in May...YUCK!!
So the little time I had in my class here are some of the fun things we did! I have never done a ##hashtag post so here it is:

#Corral #Pen #Sort5
#illuminations #math #interactive
#tent #reading
#WriteRoom #Addition
#tuwips #spring
Hopefully I get to feeling better so we can drive down to celebrate our nieces birthday! Especially since I have her birthday bow to match her outfit.........Love my nieces!
How was your week? Who else saw snow in May??
Much Love Autumn & Ruth