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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WOW Wednesday ELA edition

Thanks for stopping by and thanks tons if you linked up last week! First let me say this is all about fun and a great way to share ideas. Even if it seems simple to you please link up and share. It could give me I mean someone a new idea or a new way of doing something!! Any how here goes mine! First let me say I totally got this idea from another teacher on instagram. If it is you please take credit! Because I didn't save the original picture to give you credit. So this is how I have been using your acrostic poem writing idea!
First we brainstorm as a class for each letter in the poem that we are doing. So we go thru each letter and I will only write down words that they can explain make sense! So no fish for the F.

Then they get their papers. Now the first time we did this I then took 1 letter at a time and put 3-4 choices on the board before moving to another letter. Then we continue to the next letter. Now I let them just go for it! But this has worked great to get a variety of poems not all exactly the same!
I had planned to do an acrostic poem with my Chinese New Year theme & study this week, but were out Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday looks questionable. So I had to show the examples of the football acrostic poem we did last week. But below you will find a freebie with my Chinese New Year Acrostic Poem.....
 Any other tips for poetry that have worked for you?
Much Love Autumn & Ruth

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