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Friday, February 21, 2014

February is Flying with the Olympics and Birthdays


Time is going too quickly for us, but we keep trying to keep up.  Mom and I were so busy we never reposted our Presidents' Day Items untill the night before. So it was greatly reduced to a dollar.
But we have had "Olympic Mania"(more mom than me).

Mom is so into it she bought me an Olympic shirt
to wear to school.

We had a great time coloring Olympic Rings by numbers. We found the colors of the flags matched the rings.
Our writing is improving.
Positives- We have a title, begin sentences with capital letters, used lowercase letters, spaces, and periods. Lots of ands, guess I need to mention commas.
Our family has numerous February birthdays. (Mom, Sister-in-law, husband)
So Wednesday night we met friends to celebrate hubby's birthday. 

But missy had the most fun using the chopsticks!!

The USA is ahead in the medals count for now, so we are going to continue to celebrate and hope there are no more snow days. Have you been struck with "Olympic Mania"?

Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth

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