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Friday, February 7, 2014

5 for Friday Snow Week!! And Freebie! Or 2
Also linking with TBA for all these freebies!!
And Nancy for more Freebies!!! 
Some how I totally forgot today was Friday and it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my random 5 pictures of my week! Well as my title indicates I have not had school all week! Ice Monday and then a huge snow storm hit us on Tuesday and dangerously low temps also for the rest of the week! So we have been home & playing all week! So you should know nothing in the following has anything to do with school!
We went to a Super Bowl party at a friends house on Sunday and they were trying to get sissy to say touchdown.
Then we got to spend a ton of time doing fun puzzles, coloring, and just playing!

Then the snow came!!! Oh boy did it come! And Come! And Come! We ended up with a foot of snow! This was the first time for sissy to snow!

Then Lexi got to come over and we had a ton of fun with her hanging out!!
Then on Thursday we finally left the house. So I was forced to put on real clothes and make up! But it was nice getting out of the house to have lunch!!
So as you can see we had a great snow week!!!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth

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