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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WOW Wednesday: ANY idea!!!!

This should be an easy week to link up!! Link up ANY idea here! Great, brilliant idea, or just FUN!! Link up here!! Just to show you how easy this is here is a quick and simple share! We use 2 online products. We use RAZ Kids which is part of Reading A to Z. My kids are loving it! They are using our Ipads to read the books. I set their level. Then I require them to listen to the story, read the story, and take the quiz. They can also record themselves reading the story if they choose! You can use this on a computer also!
The other service we are using everyday is IXL. It is an awesome math site. I am able to set the level on this also. We use our laptops for this one. There is also an app, so you could use ipads for this too!
With both of these sites I can monitor progress of each student!
See EASY!! Share any idea you think someone else can use!!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth
Anyone else have a great online resource?? Let us know!!

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