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Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Friday

Friday is here. Nana has a scratchy throat either from classroom of  5 year olds, coughing teenage granddaughter, flying on jet planes or just one of those fall things.

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When I was in Missouri, Autumn's kindergarten class was really getting into their daily writing topics. Her students felt comfortable with the same format of writing paper each day. (Yes, they have various types of writing formats during centers: cards, lists, etc.)
Her writing paper is decorated slightly (mainly for her to tell at a glance what it is about). There is a space for an illustration and then a dotted out sentence. For that week they all started with the same sentence. This gave everyone a comfortable beginning that they can do this. (Yes, this was a directed lesson, but not threatening.) 
After reading a book, she would select a type of anchor chart to make together.  Label a sketch she made, adjectives about character, lists,... you get the idea.   
Students were encouraged to write more on there own or some chose to continue another sentence with her and copy. They write 7 minutes with quiet music playing.
  Students then were asked to do line only illustrations with their pencils for 5 minutes while music continued to play. 
Then they were requested to color their illustrations using at least 3 different colors that made sense.
And then closing as a large group, 4 students shared while Autumn gave compliments and sometimes suggested something to make it even more spectacular!
This week they are really getting into it and they are giving the compliments and suggestions. Their favorite topic this week was football. Maybe because the KC Chiefs are winning! Or could be High School Playoff times? Or perhaps because their teacher loves football????
Well, I know all the chants and cheers come next! I love watching my daughter teach.
Now, Nana is heading to the mall for the jump on Veterans Day sales. We have a Veterans Day Product and continue to add to it.


  1. I am on round 2 of a sore throat. Hopefully the antibiotic the doctor gave me will knock it out!! Hope you feel better!!


  2. Ohh, that is so nice of you. Yes, I gargled with salt water frequently, drank hot tea, and got rest.