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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

This has always been a special day to me. I come from a line of men that have served their country. 
 I have my flags out and made a center piece for our snack candies and our glasses out ready to have some wine later.
I like history and regret that I did not get my grandfather to tell me about WWI. He was from Mobile, Alabama. I have found photos of him from 1919. The postcard says Remount Depot #33. I need to investigate and see what I can learn. It was sent to his mom in Whistler, Alabama. No first names, No Address, but does say USA. My grandfather is seated and looks like he has a pinky ring on. Interesting.

The stories I do remember, he took care of the horses. So my mom said they always got treated like the horses were when they got sick as children. True or her mother license to exaggerate?
And I found of a photo of my Grandma close to the same point in time.
Now that I am 58, I can understand how my Grandma could have been young once. How our perspectives change with time.
Hmmm. I wanted this larger. I am not sure if this when Daddy left for WWII or after he came home. The wheels on the cart are bare. He left high school before he had graduated, so that he could be in the Navy and not get drafted to the Army. I do know that the older sailors took care of him and tried to protect him. He cooked on his ship and was the best at making mashed potatoes!!
I now have a grandson that is in the Air Force and is stationed in London. Autumn will have to go in and add his photo.
I am proud to live in the USA and thankful for those who fight for our freedoms. Thank you!
Much Love, Autumn and Ruth

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  1. So neat looking at old photos. Enjoy your day! I'm so thankful for our Military