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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November-Count Your Blessings!

Nana is finally home in Hilton Head. I go to the Midwest to see family and start the holiday season off early.
*My first blessing is a caring step-dad to my kids and grandkids. I am able to fly away and go spoil kids.
*My second blessing is a son-in-law that actually loves me. I try to help them and give them their time alone.
* My third blessing is being able to go to work with my daughter and see her bless children. Yes, I know I am her biggest fan. She comes from a family of teachers. Myself and both her aunts were teachers; then her second cousins were high school and University Professors.
 When I am there her students call me Nana. I know there were days I would get in her way. You know how each teachers does things differently. I would think I was helping and do things one way and then find out she does it differently. I would just try to undo and fix it her way.
 I got to see the walk through checks and all the data recording, and remember why I retired. (Yes, I would leave the room when they walked in.)
 Funniest thing was after I had been there 7 days, they were working on a project; Mrs. Gill says, "Mom can you grab me some more paper?"   Her students all gasped, "Nana's your MOM???"
Her and I both thought they had already made that connection!!! Don't assume anything.
*My third blessing is a son that travels with his family for 3 hours one way to see me for a weekend. I do know in families how important your weekend hours.
* My fourth blessing was having time with all my granddaughters!
Yes, there were all kinds of fall/winter clothes purchased. No girl can ever have to much animal print clothing. I tried to break it down and give each their bounty at different times. It tends to cut down on the mix ups. Our hardest times are trying to determine the differences in brands and their sizes 2,3,4. I am fortunate that all the cousins love each other. The house had an array of various baby dolls. But somehow at the end of the day all the babies are naked and are lucky if they are left with panties or diaper. Some things never change! I love it!
*My fifth blessing was that I left families and extended families that love each other. I know as a mom I did many things wrong, but I know that my children know that I loved them. But God is the one that blessed us
 We keep many photos posted on instagram. But wanted you all to know we have just been busy with family time.

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