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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Football Lover Sale!

I have been absent from blogging...Sorry! My mom has been trying to pick up my slack! Thanks mom! I was having some health issues! But I am much better now!

I have a lot of kids that come in with no previous school or academic experiences! Which I am sure many of you can relate to. So this year I took a little different approach. We did very little(almost none) "writing" for 1st quarter. I have spent years feeling frustrated and felling like I was just frustrating my kids! So we just spent 1st quarter working on letters, sounds, and words. I did model writing but didn't expect them to do the writing! Then we moved to them simply helping me write a story and them basically copying the same story. Now we have moved to me giving them a topic and sharing a book or creating an anchor chart and then they go off to write.

I have a small group of about 5 that I give them a traceable 1st sentence. Then we do authors chair at the end!

But I am amazed at the writing that is happening and feel like I made a great decision to wait! Now they are so excited and LOVE writing time. Especially free write Friday. I know some with disagree with me about giving them topics, but this helps me balance it by giving them Friday to write anything they want!

Mom is under the impression that she controls the Jacksonville Jaguars score outcome today! So she put everything in our store on sale!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth

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