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Sunday, August 17, 2014

MIM School and Hubby

We had just a few things that we finished up this week for my classroom and a couple of other crafts! So we are linking up with Tara!

So first we took the left over shower curtain material that we made closet curtains out of and made cushion covers. The red orange didn't match anything. My kids use these to sit on and do ipads!
 Next my hubby goes to boxing several times a week and made me sniff his gloves....Yes he is still alive but they were AWFUL!! So we took dryer sheets sprinkled in Purex Crystals and dropped them in and they are so much better!
Then we used E-6000 glue to attach some little white boards to the top of this big easel. I put my wireless keyboard & wireless mouse on here so I can be in the center of the class and have access to the interactive board!
Finally mom cut up a shout bottle and made a phone charger holder. 
Then mom forgot she had made these color by number and words back to school pages!

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