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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Planner For Made it Monday

So it is Monday and we are linking up with Tara!! This week I actually have a getting ready for school post! Yeah ME!!! I have several super creative bunch of friends! My awesome friend Missy created all of these awesome planners! You should go check out her blog! 
I picked the black and white set! Saves on ink & my classroom has mainly black & white! I started printing our her pages which have everything! Lesson planning pages, schedules, calendars, volunteer info(deep), password organizers, and so much more!
 I know I saw that a friend of ours had hers sent to Staples and had them print and bind it. I like my 3 ring binder so a few of the pages I will laminate and then all will be 3 hole punched and added to my binder! But as you can see my ink was not the best so I had to share what I had started! Here are a few of the other designs that Missy has made!
Lemonade Stand
Those are just a few of her designs! Everything you could need for the year is right in there!
I am absolutely thrilled with my planner!

Make sure you go check out all the awesome ideas over at Made it Monday! 

PS I just finished up my Squirrel Close Reading! My daughter is loving the "drey" (squirrel nest) in the tree in our back yard so I thought perfect timing for some non fiction writing on squirrels. 


  1. I love putting my planner in a 3-ring binder too since I type each week and print them out. These are cute planners!
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. So cute! Love them and will have to check them out! I love your blog!
    Baking Crafting & Teaching

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! What a cute idea! Following you back :)

    Kelley @ Rocky Mountain Kinders