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Sunday, July 27, 2014

My turn:Tips & Tricks!

So my awesome Peeps have put me in charge of sharing something meaningful with you this week! 

My class loves center time so I wanted to share just a little about how we rotate centers. This year I am going to split up my literacy & math centers. So I am only going to share about my literacy center rotation today. I have 8 literacy centers. Each child gets to go to 2 centers for 20 minutes each while I am pulling groups.
I try to put a higher student or 2 with a lower student. That way if they need help there is usually someone there to help. Also when I pull groups according to reading levels there are still children in the center. I take their pictures on day 1 and print them to use for center groupings. The pictures are put up with sticky tack. So if we need a group swap it's easy to move them.
The centers in the middle are on velcro. That way each morning I take the bottom center off and move all the centers down one spot then the groups get 2 new centers each day. How do you swap your centers around?
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Don't forget to check back next week for a tip from one of my Peeps! 

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