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Sunday, July 27, 2014

MIM: Crafty & Freebie

So mom(Nana) has the cool crafts this week for Made it Monday!
First she found this hanging hook strip at the resale shop for $1. So of course she grabbed it and text me how should she paint it? Well I said zebra, I didn't think this would happen! With a little pinterest help she made it happen!

Then she saw an idea for these folders. Here are her steps:
Needed- Pocket folder with prongs, pocket folder without prongs, hole puncher, scissors.
1.  One folder with prongs, one folder with out prongs.
2.  Fold folder without prongs, inside out.
3.  Mark and punch holes, so that, the folder can be placed in
     pronged folder.
    (Make holes as close to edges, in order to have enough
     room for papers to fit in pockets.)
4.  The top of my divider folders stuck up above pronged 
     folder, so I cut it to be even.
Then she found these super cute pencil eraser toppers. So she painted some dowel rods and hot glued the erasers on the ends.
Then Poppy decided to present how to best cut a watermelon! Keep the rind and cut away!

We are going to link up for Manic Monday! Go check out all the freebies!!

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