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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WOW Wednesday ELA

It's that time again!! Time for some WOW!!! Hit me with a great ELA idea. Ok it doesn't have to be traffic stopping ideas but give me an idea!!! I am really trying to keep this linky going but as you can see we are lacking linkers! So if you have a blog LINK up!! If you have a friend with a blog tell them to LINK up!!
So here is what I have on this super busy week.... Charts!! What do you use for charts? These are some of my anchor charts that we have used recently with our writing on the Olympics. Also we have a guest speaker coming in tomorrow to talk to my kids about attending the Winter Olympics.

This is how I usually get my kids going on a topic before we get started. Sometimes we do a video or a book. With the Olympic sports topic we used a lot of videos so they could see the real sport. Also as you can see we started working on verbs (go, go, go words) and adjectives.  What do you use to help get the writing flowing in your class?
Link up and let us know what is working for you!!
Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth
Thursday we will be headed to Conference on the Young Years to present! Let us know if you are coming so we can meet up!!

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