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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daughter's Love Turns Me Into Queen

I am not sure that daughters realize the power they have over their mothers. Moms are the ones that are supposed to empower their daughters, but as time goes on the roles reverse. 

I had noticed gradual changes. But this last trip to visit my children,  I felt the tables turned. Since I retired there has been no need for me to update my wardrobe. You no longer have to dress up each day for work, but instead just dress for daily task of house, yard work, or hanging out. Yes, you dress for special occasions but have enough things to make due.

Your sneakers are worn out, black slacks and shorts are faded. And yes, even your jeans look bad. Yes, kids can get away with holes in their jeans, but not cool for Nanas.

So Autumn took me shopping. She got to run back and forth and look for colors, sizes, and different styles. And she had all the store clerks helping her. Colors or sizes they did not have in stock she had them order and ship.

When I left her home, I left behind a few winter clothes, but I was a newly created "Mom". I had colorful sandals and new shoes, new shorts and capris of all colors, new dresses, summer tops, and even new socks and pajamas. I felt wonderful and had been given patience and confidence. The best gift is always time, regardless which way it is given.

So girls, take time for your moms. We need your support in a different way and gain from your accomplishments.

Thanks to my daughter, I went to Florida feeling great and looking good.

Much love,
Ruth and Autumn

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