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Friday, March 28, 2014

March Madness Friday

You think Fridays come around fast when you work, wait till your retired and they come even faster. It is here all ready! Well, as you well know my family is sports geeks! So March Madness continues this week. It goes on at home and school.  

In their word work are ready to print pages with beginning and ending sounds work.
And putting their Vocabulary cards in ABC order gave them experience looking past the beginning letter. Challenging and a teachable moment.
This group still loves to graph! It does not matter if it is set graphing boards or Spinning themselves. Interesting to watch how they organize data. (Do all the same items get the same color or is it just a random color they want to use?  Does it matter?) 
I could have listed the basketball items that are for sale in our store, but I have moved on to baseball. I am just getting home from Spring Training in Florida. Best thing for me was seeing Pat Sajak and getting him to autograph a baseball. Spring Training is over and it is time for baseball.
Much love,
Autumn and Ruth

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