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Monday, October 14, 2013

Making it Monday

Not sure if anyone is a bad as I am (Nana) at finishing projects. I have spent the summer collecting items to make myself a wreath for the World Series. I collected baseballs at the thrift stores for 25 cents a piece anytime I saw one. I also got softballs, miniature bats (one that is an autographed collectable), helmets, trophies, and dolls. I drilled holes in the baseballs and strung together on a coat hanger. My problem is getting my bat, helmet, and trophy attached.
So it's taking a little longer.

But I did complete making a center piece with left over balls and an Atlanta Cabbage Patch Kid I got.
I took all the left over balls and put them in a glass bowl from the resale shop and added team flags that I made.

I made an new unit for the Series.
"We're Talking Baseball-World Series"
So I did get that done.

Way to go Mom!! Looks cute!! My craftiness is still in the JoAnne's bag...Hold on I'll add a picture! Just so I can say I helped out the post LOL!!!

OK, Naomi wants to be a ghost for Halloween and for those of you that have seen my family.....My hubby said she is absolutely NOT allowed to wear a sheet over her head...Then she decided Daddy should dress up and be a ghost too! I am guessing he will wear a white tshirt and that is it. So for her outfit I have sparkley white tulle and elastic to make a tutu then the sticky felt to make a face on a white tshirt. Then black and white leggings or tights tada ghost. I'll share when I actually make it! What great costumes are you all creating? Also do you dress up with the kids?

Go check out all the craftiness over at Tara's!

Much Love, Ruth & Autumn