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Friday, September 6, 2013

Grandparents and Birthday Weekend & FREEBIE


Autumn's class loves doing Write the Room 10 Frames.  She posts them around the classroom.  Students get a clipboard and attach a recording sheet.  They canvas the class and record the correct number of marked frames on their data sheet.  Yes, they are moving, focusing, counting, and recording.  She has concrete evidence on what they accomplished. Click above to grab a free set on the preview or the whole set is on sale!!!
She had another student discover today that he could read the words in the book by himself!

Necklace that Autumn made for the bday girl!

My husband, the poppy, goes biking (almost) everyday here on the island.  He stops and picks up all the golf balls he finds close to the courses.  Now that our son-in-law has taken up the new obsession hobby of golf, we have a place to start sending our collection. 

I created a "Grandparents Are Free" for a freebie today.
Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth