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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Silly Photos

It is Saturday!!!! It is mine and Poppy's thrift store shopping day, breakfast, and off to Florida to watch the Jaguars on Sunday. Sorry we live out of town and had to miss the 3rd farm birthday party of Naomi's.  But we got to listen to the "Illini" game on the way down and they did a great job of winning today.

There will be more photos and craft coming later, but today it is Nana and Poppy playing around. Yes, Nana is retired and loves to play like a kindergartner.
OK, when we get to the Courtyard to check in everything is NFL themed. The referees stay here too. Love it.
Autumn laughs at me but I like to cut my t shirts to be comfortable. So tonight I will take my Swiss Army knife scissors and recreate my Wal-Mart Jaguar shirt. (I have flipped the photo 5 times now and it I not saving.) Act like you are teaching class and looking upside down at student work.
I like to eat a Chick-Filet and we do no have one on Island so it is a treat to us.
I bought Photo props at Wal-Mart, too.  I got Poppy to pose for me.  I will use these at all of our parties and make more.
Yes, I saved the best for last. My niece sent me this app and I found it hilarious.  But Poppy told me to sleep in the other room when he saw it! Laugh some this weekend.
Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth

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  1. cute cute. Loved the photos. The link is broken but I found you anyway. :)
    Thanks for linking up.