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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Made it Monday Farm Birthday Edition!!!

Anyone else feeling like they are too busy teaching to get any cute crafts done?? I sure am! But here are a few little items that I had to get done for the 3 year olds birthday party!! We are going to link up with the now only once a month Made it! Thanks Tara for continuing this linky!
If you are a mom, aunt, or grandma you have probably seen these adorable chunky bead necklaces. You have probably also seen that they run about $20-$25 each....Well with my time and Michaels coupons I think I spent about $10 with some supplies left over. The little animals are actually buttons. You can find all sorts of cute buttons!!

Simple! Hairbows for the pigtails!

Cow Cake!! I made this!! Ok confession.....I used about 5lbs of icing....So in the 100 degree outdoor party, guess what happened by the time we sang Happy Birthday?? Yep you got it, the icing was melting down the sides into large piles! LOL Guess I should've put it in the freezer.... Oh well everyone said it tasted great!!

Cupcakes that I also whipped up with cute little cupcake flags that I also made!! They icing stayed much better on these LOL!

 The birthday girl and I...I did make her too! LOL
 She loved the whole cowgirl theme and party!!
Ok so I didn't exactly make him, but they say the woman makes the man right?? He is the best daddy ever and loves parties!!

At first everyone was bashful, but by the end everyone had their party taken in the frame!
I made this one using a frame mat (clearance at Michaels $2) Then used scraps of fabric from bandanas mom made my class for the farm last year!
I didn't take a picture....But we also boiled hot dogs, then put them in buns and wrapped in foil. Then I tossed in my microwaveable casserole hot pad into the cooler and 3 hours later they were all still really hot!!! Successful lunch!!
Just a reminder Sunday was grandparents day and our school has grandparents day fun on Monday. Mom made a couple of fun sheets about grandparents. It's in our store as a FREEBIE!! If you grab a copy we would love feedback!!
Much Love Autumn & Ruth


  1. Love the bows. If you have seen any of my pictures of my two, you know that I keep them in bows. What cute birthday theme!!!! Thanks for sharing.


    1. I know Jamie it is so much fun having a girl to dress up!! Thanks we had a great time at the farm!

  2. What a great party idea! It's looks like your little girl had a lot of fun!
    - Melissa
    Teacher Abroad

  3. I absolutely love the cake and bows! Too precious!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'