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Friday, June 7, 2013

Vacation Time Has Started

     When you are retired, you can vacation whenever you would like.  But Summer Vacations are such a tradition. Believe it our not, Nana and Poppy like to go to Dover, Delaware, to NASCAR at the Monster Mile. We do not travel hard and heavy. We go slow and take our time getting there and home. It was very warm while we were there and a great time was had by all. Our driver Jeff Gordon came in third. 
     I enjoy watching all the people. We stay in the motel and get to see all the RVs and campers set up and decorate from our back window.  It is like watching teacher's set up their classrooms.  They all show their favorites in so many ways.  They have car colors, numbers, logos, cut outs, car parts, etc.
     This was the first time I have been anywhere that was selling alcohol infused cigars.  NO, I did not buy or try one. (Confession, part of me wanted to.) Go figure, middle child and Aquarius.
     Looking forward to my family and grand kids starting to come in to the island next week. So we will have a wonderful Father's Day and summer time together.  So, I got our Father's Day Unit posted for those of you in year round, summer school, or not out
          Much love,
          Autumn & Ruth
Farm in Delaware
Monster Mile Entrance 
Poppy ready for 24.
                                     State Police with Dogs
Summer Wreath  Ready for Company

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  1. I used to love going to the races, it is definitely a long day though! I was always wiped when I got home. I'm glad you had a fun time! :)

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