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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Family Summer Fun

Hey Gang, I rely on Autumn to do most of blogging and socializing. But she is so busy this summer being a mom to a 2 almost 3 year old. So I am trying to keep up.

Both my children were here last week with their families and no one was bored. I slept soundly each night and overslept one afternoon nap and one morning. Autumn loved going to beach yoga and did get to experience jet skiing in the ocean. We all went to the beach several days, cooked large family meals at the rental and swam in the pool, went out to eat, saw little ones sing and dance, played miniature golf, and part of family went parasailing.

If you go to the beach enough you learn to watch the tide schedule or ask the lifeguard so that you don't have to move. With the full moon we are really having high tides in the evenings and it is up on both sides of our street. We live close to the marsh. Thinking I should now do a Moon Unit. I just finished a little Here Comes the Sun Unit.

Nana's Doc McStuffins's toys and books were a hit. So I have never had my ears, eyes, reflexes, heart checked so much. Not to mention all the shots I got and was told, "Don't cry, Nana."

I'll see if I can add some pics or get Autumn to.

Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth

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