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Friday, April 26, 2013

Ok Wait I have 5 pics from the week so let's LINK!

So this picture is actually the way I ended the week last week.....It was the NAEYC week of the Young Child at Fancy's daycare last week! Here was neon day!
In class we have been using a 4 square graphic organizer. We have had great success with this! Do you use an organizer? Which one do you like best?
Cute printable cards that I found and needed to keep this one on top!
School Picture Day for Fancy!
And all of this happened while the hubby was out of town for 2 weeks! Boy I depend on him a lot! The little Fancy missed her daddy like crazy! His company sent the spouses a little gift as a thank you for supporting their employees! Nice surprise!
What a week!!
Linking up over at Doodle Bugs!
Much Love, Autumn & Ruth


  1. Your little one is a cutie! I love when I have 5 pics from the week, it makes linking up so much easier right! :) I am glad I found your blog!!
    Ms. Shope's Class

    1. Thanks! So glad you found us! My goal is to be better about the pictures! I see lots of people are setting up instagrams, thinking about doing that!

  2. Cute blog and your little one is precious! I have to start on Monday taking pictures or it will NEVER happen with Five for Friday!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I just set up a class instagram and my goal is from now until the end of the year take at least 1 picture each day! So good luck to you also! PS Home with the little one sick so no pictures today or tomorrow....

  3. Your little girl is so cute! My daughter & I are both kinder teachers, so I can imagine how much fun you and your mom have working on your blog together. Please visit me at
    PS I'm your newest follower!

    1. Thanks!
      IT would even be better if mom wasn't retired and we were maybe in the same state LOL! But I do love working with her, she is my very best friend!