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Friday, April 26, 2013

Freezing Spring BLAH!

Ok so mom brought it to my attention about 5,000 times that I had not posted ANYTHING recently. I think I am in a BLAH!  My building is in testing season like I am sure many of you are. During this time we totally flip our schedule upside down, which I am sure you can guess what that does to the kids as well as the adults!

Then here in the Midwest it seems that spring refuses to come! It has been cold! I think I have worn sandles 3 times....What a shame! So I am tired of my winter clothes....I know stop the whining!

Anyhow Here I am posting MOM!!!!

My kids! Now that is some exciting heart warming stuff! This is one of the sweetest classes EVER! The work so well in groups and literally need NO redirecting in centers (ok maybe once in awhile) but you get my drift! They have made huge gains! It is amazing! I have this one little guy who couldn't recognize a single letter and seriously tried to beat me up to get passed me to mom the first week of school! Now he is writing 4, 5, 6 sentences in 1 setting at a story! All on the same topic, varying sentence structure, proper capitalization, and sight words spelled correctly! I could go on and on! I just LOVE this little guy and am so happy about how well he has done! I have multiple stories like this! I will really be sad to see this group go!

I have been doing some reading about close reading, is anyone familiar or have any thoughts on it?

Also we are adopting new math curriculum for next year and I was on the selection team. We heard from 4 vendors(not sure I can say names...) anyone LOVE their series or hate it and willing to say so??

Much Love & Picture update on Monday!
Autumn & Ruth

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