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Monday, April 29, 2013

Freebilicious Link Mother's Day Math Journal

So I know many of you out there are using Math Journals as a way to reinforce various math skills! My kids really like the math journals we have been doing. Mine are a little different. I found that when I printed a monthly journal it seemed like such a grand plan......But I was failing with it. I was sending snowmen journals home in April....Not good! PS They weren't finished!
So I have made it a bit more manageable and have been doing weekly journals. They typically go along with our theme or holiday for the week. So we put together a Mothers Day week long math journal for all of you as a freebie! Many thanks to my followers & anyone else stopping by! Please leave a comment if you download!

We also have several other week long Math Journals in out TPT store!

Much Love Autumn & Ruth

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