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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Funny little Loves!

So this week has been a bit funnier than usual, either that or I have been really watching for funnies so I could link up with Ashley at Primary Teacherhood.

My first one came on Tuesday when I wore a white button down shirt and black vest(pretty sure it looked nicer than it sounds!) with black tweed pants.....
Early in the day he told me I had different kinda clothes on today. Then the big conversation came in the afternoon.
Boy Kiddo: You look like a servener.
Me: Did you say a servener?
Boy Kiddo: Yep servener.
Me: Ok sorry I don't know what a servener is.
Boy Kiddo: You know the people that bring you food, a servener...
Me: Oh a server.....

Then on Wednesday I was reminding my kiddos to bring their Valentines in the morning. I also told them that if they had not finished yet to remember to only sign from, no to. Just put their name. One of my very smart little girls rushes over to tell me it is all her mom's fault....
Me: What happened?
Girl Kiddo: She went to the store and bought my Valentines.
Me: Ummm ok....
Girl Kiddo: Well when she brought them home they had TO and FROM on them. And you said that they were only suppose to only have from.
Me: It's ok. (While trying to stiffle laughter)
Boy Kiddo rushes over: Mine too! Mine bought that kind too! But my mom told me to just write "Justin" (waving arm as he says his name)
Me: Still trying not to laugh. Ok, it is fine. Just write your name. It will all be perfect!

I guess my class thought their mom's should have bought Valentine's with only from on them.

Last one:
I have a God Mother that does all of my parties for me. Well at the end of the party one of my girls drew a little Valentine note for her. I will try to take and attach a picture later...
It said Little Girls name, Meme's name and a triangeish thing.
Girl Kiddo: This is a Valentine for you.
Meme: Thanks that is really nice
Girl Kiddo: Do you know what that picture is?
Meme: no....
Girl Kiddo: Panties!! That's what my mommy got for Valentines!

Ok there are my funnies this week! Good week this week!!!!

Now to get ready for next weeks presidents week! Here is a mini unit that I will be using!

Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth

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  1. hahahahahaha Oh.My.Word.. I'm not quite sure she should know her mom got "panties" for Valentines day. The things kids are not afraid to share! Cracked me up! Thanks for linking up, it's listed on my site now- I totally didn't "Schedule" it and just "saved" it!