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Monday, February 11, 2013

Bargain Box or Litter Box

Sorry it took us so long to recover from Super Bowl Parties. A good time was had by all!!

Don't know if everyone has a unique mom like me. My daughter never knows what is coming when she gets a box delivered at school. You see, her mom is a retired teacher who loves to shop at the resale/thrift stores. Tourist come to our island to go to our resale shops. I enjoy it so much because I never know what I am going to find. Except that she is a teacher also, she could probably trash most of it. The majority of things I get cost $.25. Off the top of my
head I have sent books, Velcro, feathers, craft foam, staplers, baskets, felt, hole punchers, google eyes, jingle bells, cards, games, scrabble pieces, pipe cleaners, ribbons, yarn, cookie cutters.....
I can't wait to get this weeks box out. I found a sack of red and purple buttons.

Then I stopped by Walmart to get some new shrubs and look around. While I am there Autumn calls and we started gabbing
conversing. She remembers that she can't find the right eye shadow at her Walmart and wants me to check ours. So I go back inside to try to find eyeshadow. The only problem is that I have loaded a wiry forsythia bush. As I go down the isles the branches are flipping everyone. Several ladies stop to see if they can help me find the correct pallet of colors, but no luck. I hope most of you have a loving relationship with your moms or daughters. I know mine gives me loads of laughter and pleasure even when we are conversing by phone in Walmart.

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