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Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Days!

So this post should be all about how much I have accomplished on these 2 snow days. But I haven't done much! Lots of time watching movies, playing in the snow, and playing shopping and babies. I am outside of Kansas City and we pretty much shut down the town for the last 2 days. My hubby was supposed to fly out to Dallas and they cancelled his flight on Wednesday. So has been home to play with us also! It has been good quality family time! We got right about a foot of snow with drifts up to 2 feet. My 3 foot tall little one has LOVED it!

She keeps running to look out the window to make sure the snow is still there! Today on our trip outside she learned how to make snow angels....

She then continued to snow angel the whole yard! She also got her daddy to fall in the snow and make an angel....

Then she climbed the mountain!

Now I am gearing up for Seuss and St. Patty's day! I really love the green and the Irish and all that is associated with St. Patrick's day! Our math unit is up and ready! I will try to finish up the ELA unit if I can stayed focused and quit playing long enough!! My other mid western snowed in friends, what have you done with your snow days? As for those of you working hard I hope you've had a great week!

Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth

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