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Friday, January 25, 2013

Writing Restart--Friday Recap

Soooo I have to make a huge and horrible confession......
I have not being doing a good job of teaching writing! In years past I have done a much better job of being consistent with teaching writing. This year I am a failure! (OK maybe a bit dramatic) But my schedule
got switched and things changed and there is so much to fit in a day.......(1st time you have heard that right?)

Well, I am making this my restart! We are focusing on Winter and winter activities. Since this is an easy topic for them right now I am doing my best to connect great read alouds and some fun videos
to get those creative juices flowing! We started with The Jacket I wear in the snow.

And here is our word list brainstorm!

Then the next day we focused on ice skating which none of my kiddos had ever been ice skating, so we went to You Tube to watch some videos of actual ice skaters! They loved that part! Here are a couple of samples of our ice skating stories along with our sentence ordering morning work! What is working for you as far as writing is concerned?

Any great tricks or ideas out there? Please share! Even if it seems obvious maybe it is a trick we forgot in that hat!

Hope you all had a great week!
Much Love, Autumn & Ruth

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  1. I think writing is a "weaker area" for many teachers. Not that they're not good writers, just that it's harder to teach and we have fewer resources to pull from in many instances. I bet they're loving the chance to write about winter, though!

    Teaching Maddeness

  2. Thanks Amanda! Yes you are probably right! They have had a BLAST! We had our monthly writing assessment today and this was the strongest one ever! So I guess I did something "write"!!