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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Football Fanatic!!

Okay I know there are a lot of ladies that are really football fans! But at my house I am pretty sure football comes right after God and right before family for my guys!(ok I'm a little dramatic) But you get the point! My hubby was a Hawkeye and played in the NFL! My boys have all played football! I am the mom that NEVER misses a game! We spend Thanksgiving wherever the Hawkeye/Husker game is that year! Oh & our nephew is the current quarterback at University of Illinois! And yes my TV is set so that ESPN is our default channel!

Ok now that I have blabbed on and on I am so excited because mom & I are currently reworking her original Super Bowl unit! This was the single unit that we sold way back last January! Then we dropped the ball and didn't get restarted until this past October! So here we go this is like our official RESTART, beginning, do over whatever you want to call it so we are working away to make it perfect! I was even able to land PERFECT clip art! Will be sharing soon!!! Check back!

Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth

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