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Monday, January 21, 2013

Did MLK Change Your LIfe?

What a wonderful day. The sun was out and the temperature was nice on the island. I watched part of the MLK parade from Savannah on TV. It was great to see the world celebrating friendships and peace. It made me reflect on watching the nightly news in the 60's when my mom would turn it off, because she did not want us seeing all the cruelty in the world. We often just think about the race issues, but there were so many other issues. I am just now realizing how many changes occurred in my life time of education. It was fifth grade when my school became integrated. Schools also had no special needs classrooms. Parents or charities paid for special schools. All of these things were difficult for children to understand.  MLK, Jr. had a great influence on our education system with the War on Poverty.  We now have breakfast and lunches at school and even some after school programs. Teachers are a contribution to all these programs. Glad teachers continue to care about their student's quality of life.

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