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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Florida 5 for Friday

Although I can't seem to consistently blog I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for my favorite linky!!! A few more than 5 but we have relocated to Florida so this is the perfect opportunity to share a few things that we love about Florida! 

So our obvious FAVE is the beach! We can go anytime we want! We live about 30 minutes away! I am able to pick Na up from VPK and we can have lunch at the beach! 

Also POOLS! There are pools everywhere! We also have a great swim instructor! Na looks forward to lessons all week long! 

When my son comes to visit he can fish in the lake behind our house! He loves that! 

When you live in Florida and your friends come to visit you are able to take them to see the Alligators! 

But one of the best parts of our move.....NEIGHBORS! We have the best neighborhood! All of these kids live right by us! We have celebrated all of the holidays with them! Na had instant BFF's! 

Last thing we are LOVING about Florida is the Florida Alphabet! Na came home from school singing this! So I created an alphabet line and cards to go with it. I am also working on black and white handwriting worksheets and alligator close reading activities! 

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  1. Welcome to Florida! It's definitely a great place to live, especially since it seems like you enjoy the outdoors!