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Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Does One Do for Their Birthday

Yes, I had my birthday this past week, Feb. 2. That's right, Groundhog's Day.  You can tell it is Ruth  writing, because I use the largest font.  I have made it 60 years now.  I never thought I would die young, but never really thought about how I would be at 60. I am retired from teaching in the classroom, but stay busy keeping items in our TpT store with my daughter.

I do not believe that all of you young teachers ( yes, even those of you in your 40's and 50's) realize how you keep me wanting to know and understand. Technology has changed so quickly in my lifetime, that I can't keep up with it all. My daughter tries to keep me up to date, but many times, I just can't catch it all.  I have trouble getting things linked in from photos; or still do not understand how to make the pinterest items with background with long background and our logo on it; and I certainly do not do most things quickly.

After being retired for over 4 years, I still have large tubs of Big Books from Scholastic and Wright Group that I purchased with my own money. The garage is still home to a large collection of seasonal books, rhythym instuments, blocks, Lincoln Logs, and VHS tapes.  I almost all of my books on tape and made them into CDs for Autumn's class with labels that matched CD and book. And needless to say, she got more books than she has storage.

I do get tickled when I see things come around again, such as songs or rhymes. I spent much of my time wanting to learn the signs of different developmental stages and finding out the why's of behaviors.  Teaching in Missouri gave me tons of  "Show Me" experiences. I was active in NAEYC, Missouri's Parents As Teachers, Chapter 1 preK, Project Construct, STARR Program, MSTA, and NEA, and then South Carolina I.B Program.

The educators, college professors, national speakers, and authors that I have been able to meet and discuss issues is truly amazing. I once rescued an old collection of Dick and Jane book pages that are like big book card board pages with Think and Do workbook large cardboard pages in a basement that flooded frequently. This is the book I learned to read from in 1961.  Once upon a time I had an iron legged bathtub painted yellow in my classroom.

Yes, I fondly remember ditto machines with blue ink that you had to crank yourself, therma fax machines that were so special to recreate workbook pages. And the first Polaroid cameras to use in the classroom. White chalk on blackboards, yellow chalk for greenboards, next wipeoff markers on whiteboards, and then Promethan boards with microphones on all day. I remember the smell of paste and students that would eat it. Glue bottles with yellow glue with red rubber tops. Stickers that you had to lick to stick.  I am sure I will think of more things.

But I was wondering what to give to you for my birthday celebration. You tell me what you want from our store and I will mark it half price. But you have to let us know.

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