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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Weekend

It is the end of that time of year. The end of professional football season.  Our family happens to like football. I grew up marching and cheering for football games.  Lucky for me I married a collector of sports memorabilia and my daughter married a retired NFL player.  Our families have many friends and love to get together to laugh and eat. So Autumn's classroom has been busy getting ready for the Super Bowl using themed items during reading, math, and center time.  We update our packaged items for the Super Bowl each year.  

There are no Seattle Skittles available. I found some on eBay for a ridiculous price over $100. So I went through Skittles looking for blue and green ones. I found that the "Dessert Skittles" have them.
For those that do not keep up with football, the Seattle Seahawk's player, Marshawn Lynch,           always eats Skittles during football games for energy.
I have made wrappers for both teams to go around Hershey's nuggets.

We have food flags ready to use where necessary.

I found an easy way to make football cookies.
Just take some Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creme Cookies and cut them to football shape. (Save cut off pieces for snacking.) Decorate the cookie using gel or white icing to look like a football.

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