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Friday, May 2, 2014

5 for Friday-Derby Week

Autumn has taught all week, while I am busy getting ready for our Kentucky Derby Party. We are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Yes, I was born and raised in Western Kentucky. Yes, we have had our Derby Units on sale earlier.
I was thankful to see someone on instagram post pictures of the air balloon festival.
Yes, earlier in the week , I got all of my decorations out of the attic. If I don't pack them away together, I forget what I have.

I watched the drawings of the gates and the picking of the horses that would go in each gate.  No, I need to make my new list for guest to be able to recognize jockey silks and gate numbers.

I have mint plants and a good friend also sent me several bags so that I don't run out. I am planning on freezing some in ice cubes this year.

I am ready to polish silver cups and make sure they are ready to go.  My saddle is ready for photo booth setting.  I have wreaths on the doors, my lawn jockey decorated, and collection of horses in the paddock. 

I am waiting on my nail wraps. I want to have mine on and they are my favors for my guest. We are cutting it
Hopefully my wraps will get here and I can show some friends how to do fashion fingers and send them home with enough to do all the fingers and toes they desire.

Much love,
Ruth and Autumn
PS- Next weekend is Mother's Day- (Just a reminder for Autumn)

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