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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday WOW- May 21,2014

It is Wednesday. I am sure it never happens to you, but I lost count on which Wednesday it was. Autumn is in Report Card revising meeting today (I believe that is correct). Yes, she too is counting down here days. She still has Field Day and another meeting on Friday. I forgot what that one is about.

The WOW idea that I did for her was being sure her students that were mostly non-readers could match up the storybooks & CDs and get them in the same baggies.  Many times companies just use words on the CDs which is little help to the students. Yes, we want them all to learn to read and match words together...but as a teacher we found time was often spent making sure the correct story & CD were together. If the company just used words, I scanned in the book cover and then created a round CD label to put on the correct CD.

We found this raised the success of students getting the correct book & CD together. Which made the class run more smoothly and easier when packing centers away.

(Yes, and I, Nana, made many cassette tapes into CDs before they were all worn out.) I did it by seasons one year and tried to stay ahead of her classroom. This took quite awhile, but once it was done, her students listen to so many more books. I am sure ipads will change things even more, but for now she is good.

Much Love,
Autumn and Ruth

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  1. That is wow! It's the first thing that popped into my head. The second thing that popped into my head was I wonder how I can convince you to come to my classroom?! I need to share this post with my mom. Ha. Thanks for sharing this great idea.