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Friday, August 23, 2013

Curriculum Night Week

This was our first full week! Boy am I beat! This is a chatty group but they are a fun group!
On Thursday Night we had our Open house/Curriculum night! I had 10 of my 18 families come!!

We always start on Monday of the first week with our colors. We are lucky that my whole building supports the kindergarten learning colors. So all the teachers and staff wear the color of the day. Makes deciding what to wear a breeze! I mean who has multiple orange shirts? We used the frog street color songs. You can find great videos of them on You tube:

Then mom whipped up these little sheets to reinforce the items that can be the specified color.

This week we also started introducing centers. The whole class goes to 1 center a day and on Friday we get to try out 4 centers! Of course in the library/listening center Pete was the crowd fav!

And we just went to trusty starfall on the laptops!
I loved watching the imaginations roam in the building or early architect center!LOL
I was a little late catching the scentos markers. But I finally got some and hello I LOVE them and so do the kids! Especially because I use them on the document viewer and they think it is VERY funny that the eyeballs are looking at them! This is our letter formation pages. We use the "reading recovery" wording. Keeps it simple!
 Lastly This board has my I can statements on this side and a pocket chart on the other side. But on top my para & I rigged up this little tray. We hot glued 2 dry erase boards on top so I can move anywhere and use my wireless key board and mouse! So far this feels rather genius!!
How did the rest of you survive that went back to work???

Much Love, Autumn & Ruth

PS...That was more than 5 but that was our week!!!

PSS Get your center ideas together for a linky next weekend!!

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