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Sunday, August 18, 2013

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I am linking with First Grade Buddies.  My daughter keeps me motivated.  I continued on with my retirement this weekend and searched the thrift stores for school things to send to Autumn at her school. 

I slit all of the balls to fit her chair legs.  I got 42 for $1.00.s
I purchased rulers to use for crafts. But I discovered the rulers were not the same length. My husband is quality control.  We did not realize that rulers could not be standard.
Autumn was busy making birthday party invitations.
I am ready to create new t-shirts for football season, if my Jaguars decide to play. We just keep losing. It is hard to stay positive. They need some motivation!
And yes, I have a lemon cake in the oven that I made.   It is just the beginning of the week so stay motivated!


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